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Belgrade Media Report 7 October

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Vucic, Tanin: UNMIK presence important for stability (Tanjug/RTV)
Vucic: We will continue dialogue with Pristina, Community to be first topic (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
Dacic with Godfrey: Relations following an upward trend (RTS/Tanjug)
Path to Europe like Djekna from TV series (Novosti)
Selakovic: Non-Aligned Movement meeting next week in Belgrade (TV Pink/Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Komsic takes part in EU-Western Balkans summit (BHT1)
Komsic: Objectively Western Balkans countries are not ready to become full members of the EU at this time (FTV)
RS is paying Dodik’s caprice (Oslobodjenje)

Epilogue of meeting with Krivokapic (CdM)
Abazovic, Peleshi: Policy of peace and cooperation needs to be promoted (gov.me)
Djukanovic on Pandora Papers: I did nothing illegal; this is another contrived affair for domestic political needs (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia

Pendarovski: It is good that the EU keeps our country’s issue in focus (MIA)
Zaev suffers another EU fiasco as Bulgaria actually hardens its positions after the meeting mediated by Merkel and Macron (Republika)
Zaev: The steps taken by Radev are an insult to the Macedonian citizens, he didn’t understand Merkel and Macron’s message (Republika)
Mickoski: It is disappointing that the EU is becoming a more distant goal with Zaev, spreading fake news for 5 years (TV Kanal 5)

Rama in Slovenia: I have lost confidence that Bulgaria will overcame the stalemate (Radio Tirana)
Meta: The messages from the EU summit are encouraging (Radio Tirana)
Justice Reform/ Minister Manja pledged support for his Kosovar homologue (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 7, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• Tannin at regular meetings with Belgrade officials, reports on Kosovo at UNSC on 15 October (Klan)
• Seven congressmen send letter to Biden and Blinken on Kosovo-Serbia license plate issue (media)
• Sanchez criticized by Spanish politicians for talking to Kurti in Slovenia (media)
• Hoti: Serbia’s state archives help enlighten fate of the missing (media)
• COVID-19: No deaths, 30 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Covid-19 in Serbian communities: 35 new cases, one death (Radio Mitrovica sever)
• SRSG Tanin met President Vucic ahead of UN SC session on Kosovo (media)
• Vucic: Serbia’s EU accession depends on solution to issues with Kosovo (N1)
• World Health Organization in Belgrade office chief on pandemic situation in Serbia (N1)
• MTS d.o.o buys cable operators (KiM radio, Kontakt plus radio)
• Radovic: Police station in Mitrovica North started distribution of stickers (Kosovo-online, KoSSev)
• Vlajic: I didn’t request to extend deadline to Todosijevic to appear and serve sentence, summons has not arrived yet (KoSSev)
• Petkovic: Upcoming elections important for the survival of Serbs in Kosovo (Politika, RTS, Kosovo online)


• Living on both sides of the border (Kosovo 2.0)


• EU leaders fail to give Balkan nations a membership timeline (AP)
• Kosovo rebel veterans’ leaders deny charges over leaked witness data (Reuters)

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UNMIK Media Observer, October 7, 2021

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• EU: Western Balkans to implement necessary reforms in key areas (EWB)
• EU – WB Summit Brdo Declaration (media)
• Kurti on meeting Merkel, Macron and Vucic (media)
• Borrell: I call on both parties to intensify work on an agreement (media)
• Macron: Kosovo – Serbia dialogue seems very complex (media)
• Shared responsibility for a common European future (media)
• Lajcak travels to New York to meet UN leadership (media)
• ‘Loyalty to Comrades’ lands Kosovo War Veterans’ leaders in court (BIRN)
• COVID-19: One death, 41 new cases (media)

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