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Belgrade Media Report 15 October

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Vucic: It’s not Kurti who came up with this idea, it’s designed by others (Politika/B92)
EU calls for dialogue, says unauthorized actions by Kosovo authorities should be avoided (Beta)
Vucic discusses northern Kosovo with Borrell (Beta/RTS)
Russia’s fierce message to NATO: KFOR to fulfill its obligations in keeping with Resolution 1244 (Politika/Beta)
Godfrey: Serbia, US partners in facing joint challenges (Beta/RTS)
Selakovic: 3.100 days without progress (Tanjug/B92)
Petkovic: Kurti is generating a crisis for a handful of votes (RTS)
Serbia ready to hand over case of Edin Vranj and 26 other cases to B&H (Novosti)
Brammertz: I am grateful to Vucic (B92)
Dodik: High time to establish control over forces under Pristina authority (Novosti)
US President nominates Christopher Hill new Ambassador to Serbia (N1)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

RS officials comment Vucic’s claim that great powers will demand abolition of RS: RS can resist all pressure (Nezavisne)
Dodik invites Ambassadors of EU member states for meeting in Istocno Sarajevo; Quint Ambassadors fail to attend meeting; Dodik: This is not about secession, people should not be afraid, there will be no war (FTV)
PIC Ambassadors meet; OHR: PIC expects from all leaders to dismiss rhetoric that leads to destabilization (O Kanal)
EUD: EU supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of B&H (Hayat)
Stano: Commitment of EU to territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty of B&H is only framework (BHT1)
US Embassy: US steadfastly supports B&H sovereignty (Dnevni avaz)
NATO: We support sovereignty and integrity of stable and safe B&H (Dnevni avaz)
Schmidt and Linhart discuss crisis in B&H (BHT1/N1)
RS President says RS leadership has been trying for months to hold talks with political parties in FB&H to jointly resolve problems, Croats ready for talks but Bosniaks reject them (RTRS)
Sarovic: SDS supports transfer of competences to RS; SNSD is dragging RS into chaos and dead ends (BN TV)
Trivic: It is Dodik’s wish to live in constant political chaos and constant political crisis, which he believes he would profit from (Nova BH)
Nesic: Dodik and SNSD do not deserve this much attention (Dnevni avaz)
Banjac: B&H must return to original Dayton Agreement (Nezavisne)
Niksic: This is the most radical that we saw from Dodik until now; B&H has never been in such big crisis since Dayton Agreement; I do not think HR is passive (FTV)

Malenica: The purpose of the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H is to defame Operation Flash (HRT)

URA and DPS together against the SPC: Is the vote in the Constitutional Committee of the parliament of Montenegro an announcement of a new coalition? (Vijesti/Novosti)
Markovic: Political crisis can be overcome through elections; DPS ready to resolve situation together with civilian and European forces (CdM/Vijesti)
Abazovic, Zaev: Relations between Montenegro and North Macedonia are an example that other WB countries should follow (Gov. Press Service)

Venice Commission: Constitutional Court has no jurisdiction to review the validity of local elections (Radio Tirana)
Basha meeting with the US congressional delegation; US our strategic partner (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 15, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• President Osmani to address UN Security Council session at 16:00 (media)
• Borrell, Blinken call for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue to continue (RFE)
• “Der Standard”: Belgrade seems to be writing Borrell’s Twitter posts (Koha)
• Kosovo offers to U.S.opportunity to build permanent military base media)
• 30 days of detention for suspects arrested in police operation in north (media)
• New COMKFOR: We remain committed to peace and stability (Klan Kosova)
• 3,500 police officers, 35 judges and 80 prosecutors for election security (media)
• MacShane: Hope Hill puts map of independent Kosovo in his office (Express)
• COVID-19: 20 new cases, no deaths (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic to Borrell: Serbia wants peace, stability, ready for talks with Pristina (N1)
• Rada Trajkovic on police action in northern Kosovo, responds to British Embassy (Kosovo-online)
• Marko Jaksic points out the demands to boycott the institutions in Pristina (Danas, FoNet)
• House of Rumena Ljubic in center of Pec stoned for second time (RTS)
• The last day of the election campaign, Serb candidates for president in 11 municipalities (Kosovo Online, RTS)
• Vucic with Putin on November 25 (Vecernje Novosti)
• UNS: To investigate who was behind hacker attack on Kosovo-online portal (Radio KIM)
• Petkovic: Kurti generates crisis for handful of votes (Radio KIM)


• Bieber: Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia unsurprising considering the state of EU policy (EWB)


• US Names Wartime Serbia-Kosovo Negotiator as Belgrade Ambassador (BIRN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, October 15, 2021

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• Kurti will not dismiss Goran Rakic from minister’s post (media)
• Blinken meets Borrell, discuss Western Balkans (media)
• UN Security Council to hold session on Kosovo today (media)
• PM Kurti meets COMKFOR Federici, thanks him for cooperation (media)
• Tahiri: Borrell proved his bias towards Belgrade (media)
• Reka: EU blocked visa liberalisation because of rule of law, now it criticises it (Koha)
• CDHRF reacts to Borrell for remarks on Kosovo Police operation (media)
• US President nominates Christopher Hill new ambassador to Serbia (N1)
• Russia: Kosovo provoking an open confrontation (Koha)
• Kosovo-Serbia Arts Festival Promotes Reconciliation Amid Turmoil (BIRN)
• COVID-19: No deaths, 31 new cases (media)

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