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Belgrade Media Report 21 October 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Thursday 21 October 2021


Serbia and Spain have understanding on international scene (RTS/Tanjug/Politika)
Von Cramon: Kosovo police operation was necessary (N1)
Petkovic: Does Von Cramon truly advocates EU values (Tanjug/RTV)
Djuric: Completely contrary to UN report (Tanjug/RTV)
Borell, Blinken call for “sustained de-escalation” in Kosovo and Metohija (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
Brnabic: Great importance of Germany’s support to Serbia’s EU path (RTS/Tanjug)
Improving cooperation, exchanging experiences in field of defense with Austria (RTS/Tanjug)
Brnabic: Covid passes as of 23 October in closed areas (Tanjug/RTS)
Belgrade-Pristina working group on registration plates meets in Brussels (Tanjug/RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

RS parliament adopts proposal of Law on Medicines and Medical Devices without presence of opposition representatives (ATV)
RS opposition criticizes Law on Medicines and Medical Devices of RS; Stanic: RS parliament became tool in service of one man (BN TV)
Continuation of attack on B&H (Dnevni avaz)
Schmidt comments on RS parliament’s decision: Entities are obliged to respect B&H Constitution and decisions made by B&H institutions (AJB)
Dodik: RS’ initiatives for restoring competences do not threaten security or stability, adoption of law on medicines in RS is legitimate; Schmidt’s behavior points to lack of seriousness and usurpation, B&H does not have HR (RTRS)
Dodik meets with UN’s Jenca and informs him that situation in B&H has been unstable due to imposed internationals’ decisions (Srna)
Blinken, Borrell issue joint statement, express strong support to territorial integrity of B&H (Dnevni avaz)
US Embassy: US ready to use all available sanctions against those who violate DPA (Dnevni avaz/RFE)
Komsic announces criminal report against Seranic; Seranic: Criminal reports have become part of daily politics of B&H and it is up to courts and judiciary to decide (FTV)
Komsic reacts to Kalbukhov’s statement: There will not be any dialogue about B&H AF since they are undisputable category just as other state institutions (Glas Srpske)
Konakovic: Economic sanctions for those who follow Dodik’s game are ready; Osmanovic announced filing of motion before CC of B&H (Nova BH/N1)
HJPC removes Tadic from post of B&H Chief Prosecutor and appoints Kajganic (O Kanal/RTRS/N1)

Pribilovic: Everything we warned about turned out to be true (Dnevne novine)
Djukanovic on EC Report: Depressing picture we urgently need to change (CdM)
MEPs are looking for an investigation, they also mention Djukanovic (RTCG)
Abazovic: Katnic wiretapped earlier, ANB to detect misconduct (RTCG/VoA)
Abazovic and Radulovic pay visit to Atlantic Council (Gov. Press service)
Republic of North Macedonia

Geer: The commission expects the first Intergovernmental Conference by the end of the year (Libertas)

Albania-Kosovo governments’ joint meeting to be held in the last week of November in Durres (Radio Tirana)
Rama: The EC is the fairest and most impartial judge! The guiding document for us! (Radio Tirana)
Soreca: Time for the EU to keep its promise! (Radio Tirana)
Joint statement Blinken-Borrell: Accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia should start without delay (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 21, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, October 21, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• Mehaj: US reconfirmed support to build KSF at military level (media)
• Lajcak: I trust concrete findings will be presented in six months (media)
• “Government to focus on final agreement, no return to technical dialogue” (Lajmi)
• Haradinaj: Reforms in judiciary in partnership with US and EU (media)
• GLPS on EC report: Kosovo has not achieved desired results (Koha)
• Ex-intelligence employee arrested, suspected of leaking information (media)
• COVID-19: 18 new cases, no deaths (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• 56 new Covid-19 cases in Serbian areas in Kosovo (Radio Mitrovica sever)
• Petkovic: Von Cramon relativizes the violence against the Serbian people in the north of Kosovo (NMagazin, N1)
• “Impermissible to try Serbs in Kosovo without solid evidence” (Radio KIM,Kosovo-online, RTS)
• Von Cramon tells N1 Kosovo police operation “was necessary” (N1)
• Odalovic: Pristina has maximalist demands (Radio KIM, RTS)
• Bislimi: There will be no CSM (ZSO); Serbian List is manipulating (Kosovo Online, RTK2)
• Petkovic: Bislimi’s statement that Community of Serbian Municipalities will not be formed, culmination of irresponsibility (RTS)
• Dacic: Greece is reassuring us they will not recognize Kosovo (Kosovo-online)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, October 21, 2021

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• Osmani: EU officials must not oppose our fight against crime (Kallxo)
• Justice Minister comments on EU remarks about the vetting (media)
• Vetting must be done, but process must be credible and independent (Telegrafi)
• Commission Report: Kosovo’s progress slow in key areas (BIRN)
• Bislimi: Next meeting of chief negotiators in second half of November (Koha)
• Von Cramon: No doubt that anti-smuggling operation was necessary (media)
• Gervalla: Berlin Process offers security; other initiatives are damaging (media)
• COVID-19: 14 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Police arrest six people suspected of money laundering (media)
• Energy company drops lawsuits against Kosovo environment activists (BIRN)
• Serbian right-wing party planning to hold rally in north of Kosovo (RFE)
• Kamberi: Vucic’s regime remains factor of instability in Western Balkans (media)

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