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Belgrade Media Report 13 May

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• Four countries derecognize Kosovo, two other states helping Pristina (Tanjug/RTS)
• Vucic: Serbia will not recognize so-called Kosovo (Tanjug)
• Vucic: Pristina has trampled Washington agreement (Beta/Politika/RTS)
• Brnabic: Move to join CoE is culmination of Pristina’s cynicism (Novosti/Tanjug)
• Vulin: If Pristina becomes member of CoE, Serbia should declare political neutrality (Tanjug)
• Selakovic: If Pristina becomes member, CoE violates its own postulates (Tanjug)
• CoE: Kosovo has submitted candidacy, committee will be considering it (Tanjug)
• EU urges against unilateral action after Pristina’s application for CoE membership (Beta/Politika)
• Cooperation of Serbia, Morocco to be placed on path of strategic partnership (Tanjug)
• Brnabic signs cooperation agreement in Dubai (FoNet)
• Botsan-Kharchenko: Sanctions hostile step, I have firm and well-founded hope that Belgrade will not impose them (RTV)
• Hill: Major changes in Balkan’s energy sector (Beta/Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik: Even though he spoke at UN SC session, as far as the RS is concerned, Schmidt is still a former German diplomat; UN SC’s session was anti-Serb (RTRS)
• Alkalaj denies Dodik’s claim that UN Security Council session was anti-Serb (FTV)
• Tegeltija: Schmidt’s report will in no way bring anything good to B&H (Nova BH)
• Tegeltija meets Ambassadors Jun and Nebenzia: Jun and Nebenzia do not want centralization of B&H (RTRS)
• Novakovic Bursac on Dzaferovic’s address before UN SC: Bosniak politicians are destroying foundations of B&H (EuroBlic)
• HNS: HR’s report manipulated and debatable (Nova BH)
• Dzaferovic with UK, French Ambassadors to UN; Discuss crisis in B&H, blockade of B&H institutions and Russian influence in B&H and region (Dnevni avaz)
• Covic on arrival of European officials in B&H: European administration needs to motivate Bosniak parties (RTV HB/BHT1)
• Murphy meets Covic; HDZ insists there are no conditions for holding of elections (Oslobodjenje)
• 30th anniversary of formation of RS Army marked (BHT1)
• Court of B&H confirms indictment in ‘Dobrovoljacka’ case (O Kanal)
• Zvizdic condemns confirming of indictment in ‘Dobrovoljacka’ case (FTV)
• Milanovic announces he will order Croatian Ambassador to NATO Nobilo to veto NATO enlargement until Election Law issue in B&H is resolved; Grlic Radman: We do not want to be state that causes incidents (HRT1)
• Foreign Minister clarifies support for NATO expansion (HRT1)
• Croatian Ambassador with UN Simonovic: Milanovic tries to emphasize that issue of Election Law of B&H is matter of peace and security (HRT1)
• Secretary of State of Holy See, Cardinal Parolin visits Croatia: Vatican supports equality of peoples in B&H (Jutarnji list)
• Abazovic after meeting with Porfirije: I want this government to put an end to the story of the Fundamental Agreement (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• US pressure on Bulgaria over Macedonia seems to be having effect (Republika)
• Nikoloski calls for support to open EU accession talks with Macedonia (Republika)
• SDSM won’t support election reform because of pressure from DUI (Republika)
• Majority dismisses DP’s Resolution against Srebrenica massacre (ADN)
• Rama ‘attacks’ Berisha after Resolution for Srebrenica massacre (ADN)
• Berisha: Majority rejected resolution on Srebrenica by order of Vucic (ADN)
• President criticizes majority for voting against Srebrenica Resolution (ADN)
• MP uncovers reason why Rama rejected resolution for Srebrenica (ADN)
• Why majority dismissed DP resolution on Serbian genocide (ADN)
• Rama: We expect Open Balkans to work better and better; No time to lose (Radio Tirana)
• Ex-DP leader greets Kosovo’s application for CoE membership (ADN)
• Rama after the meetings in Brussels: Our image is completely different today, Albania is considered a model for the region (Radio Tirana)
• Kim meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine and Xhacka / We will continue to impose serious consequences on Russia (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 13, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• U.S. Department of State: Kosovo, Serbia set their own foreign policy priorities (media)
• CDU/CSU calls on German government to support Kosovo joining CoE (DW)
• Haxhiu: Vetting will be fully independent and monitored by US and EU (EO)
• Kurti visits Albanian-American Cultural Centre in Texas (media)
• “Demarcation will be closed after Djukanovic’s meetings in Kosovo” (Albanian Post)
• Rohde: Looking forward at seeing Kosovo as part of CoE (RTK)
• COVID-19: 21 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Selakovic: Four states revoked recognition of Kosovo (Kosovo-online, Tanjug)
• State Department: Serbia and Kosovo choose their own foreign policy priorities (VoA, Politika)
• Selakovic reacts to Gervalla’s statement she hopes Serbia will support Pristina’s CoE membership bid (Kosovo-online)
• Petkovic to Osmani on violation of human rights in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Dveri Movement, Patriotic Bloc: Serbia to urgently withdraw from Brussels Agreement (Danas)
• Petkovic met Lajcak in Brussels (RTS)
• Botsan-Kharchenko: I hope Serbia will not impose sanctions on Russia (Kosovo-online, RTV)
• EU spokesman calls Belgrade, Pristina to show restraint (N1)
• Brnabic signs cooperation agreement in Dubai (N1)
• US Ambassador to Serbia: Major changes in energy in the Balkans (NMagazin, Beta)
• Sarrazin, Rhode visit Visoki Decani Monastery (Kosovo-online)
• Kosovo’s FM Gervalla insists on mutual recognition (N1, Beta, AlJazeera)


• Fact-Check: Serbia’s Vucic Talks Big on EU, Kosovo and Oil (BIRN)
• Do Western Balkan countries like Macron’s idea for a two-tier Europe? (euronews.com)
• How Online Violence Against Women Goes Unpunished (Balkan Insight)
• Top global official: Bosnian Serbs are trying to `secede’ (The Washington Post)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 13, 2022

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• Kosovo leaders’ messages on membership bid at Council of Europe (media)
• Konjufca: Serbia won’t leave stone unturned to prevent CoE membership (media)
• Interior Minister Svecla visiting France (media)
• Kurti willing to visit former KLA leaders in the Hague (Nacionale)
• Surroi: Through oil industry, Serbia bought Russian veto against Kosovo (KTV)
• Indictment against ex European Integration minister for abuse of office (Kallxo)
• German Special Rep for Western Balkans visits Decani Monastery (media)
• Montenegrin President to visit Kosovo on May 18 (Express)
• Sunny Hill Festival given site for 99 years by Prishtina Council (BIRN)
• COVID-19: 22 new cases (media)
• North Macedonia hosts big NATO exercise (BIRN)

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