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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 26, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 26, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Gervalla on Kosovo’s membership in CoE: We expect good news in the fall (Paparaci)
• Kosovo leaders remember Enver Zymberi (media)
• Two French citizens arrested, entered Kosovo illegally in a vehicle with Russian license plates (Koha)
• 1,187 infected with coronavirus today, number of active cases reaches 10,000 (Koha)

Serbian Language Media:

• Varhelyi: Serbia taking little steps in aligning with EU foreign policy
• Vukcevic on Albanian resolution on Marty’s report (Kosovo Online)
• Bujanovac mayor on upcoming census and Kosovo government permission (Kosovo Online)
• Covid-19: 20 new cases registered in Serbian areas (Kosovo Online)


• EU’s Varhelyi: Will for enlargement is back, we’re ready to move fast (EURAKTIV)
• Balkan Ports Becoming ‘Growing’ Magnets for Smugglers, Report says (Balkan Insight)


• Balkan Flyers Suffer From Europe’s Airport Chaos (Balkan Insight)
• Average net salary in Serbia in May 74,168 Dinars (N1)

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Belgrade Media Report 26 July 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Tuesday 26 July 2022


• Vucic visits the works on the bridge over the Sava (B92)
• Forming of joint working group of Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia for energy cooperation accepted (Tanjug/RTS)
• Arifi: Albanians from Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja to take part in census (Bujanovacke/RTV/Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Protests held in front of OHR over alleged imposition of changes to B&H Election Law (BHT1)
• Izetbegovic: In case that announced amendments to B&H Election Law are imposed, it will be only to the detriment of B&H citizens (Hayat)
• Dzaferovic: I call on HR Schmidt not to amend Election Law at time of pre-election campaign (N1)
• Niksic talks to Schmidt: Schmidt gives up on imposing of changes to Election Law (Avaz/N1)
• Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Assembly adopts declaration opposing imposition of solutions that further deepen ethnic divisions (BHT1)
• Russian Embassy: OHR turns into generator of instability as result of Schmidt’s arbitrary and unbalanced decisions (RTRS)
• Plenkovic, Covic hold meeting and discuss alleged imposing of changes to B&H Election Law (BHT1)
• Grlic-Radman: Croatian government supports efforts of HR (HRT1)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Gruevski: Through attempts to change history and origin of Macedonian language and nation, in the past, now and in the future, Bulgaria will try to create second Bulgarian state in the Balkans from Macedonia (Republika)
• Nikolla: Albania and Portugal, close partners in NATO (Radio Tirana)
• SMI’s official name changes to the Party of Liberty (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 26, 2022

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• President Osmani, PM Kurti to meet Secretary of State Blinken today (media)
• U.S. wants role in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Blic/Klan)
• Prosecution explains invitation to interview the former EULEX prosecutor (media)
• ECPMF, EFJ react on the interview process for RTK Board members (RTK)
• Kosovo’s Security Committee meets with Commissioner of German Army (Kallxo)
• Progress on Prishtina-Durres Railway in Kosovo Parliament (Exit)
• Serb, Albanian farmers hit by degradation of river in Strpce (Koha Ditore)
• Kosovo’s capital Pristina bursts onto the global art scene with an ambitious Manifesta 14, which is more hit than miss (The Art Newspaper)
• Albania’s Retired President Returns to Active Party Politics (BIRN)

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