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Belgrade Media Report 30 September 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 30 September 2022

• Vucic with Bilcik: Serbia on the EU path, but as an independent country (RTS)
• Bilcik with parliamentary groups in the Serbian Parliament
• Lajcak on the dialogue with Scholz’s adviser, Jens Ploetner (RTV)
• Germans work on drafting CSM statute, the document is secret; How did that happen? (Novosti)
• Lajcak and Germans drafting statute for Community of Serb municipalities (Novosti)
• U.S. Officials: Agreement between Serbia, Russia step in the wrong direction (Beta)
• Vulin: Serbia is not a reserve, we make our own decisions (N1)
• Oath keepers oppose sanctions against Russia (Beta)
• MEP Groselj: Nobody Is Forcing Serbia to Join EU (N1)
• Vucic at the reception marking China’s National Day: “Steel friendship” (Tanjug)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• General elections in B&H scheduled for Sunday, October 2 (Hayat)
• HR Schmidt sends letter to 20 prosecutors in B&H: Fair and democratic elections must be protected (Dnevni avaz)
• HR Schmidt: I have not given up on changes of electoral legislation; B&H is too close to elections for major interventions (Nova BH)
• Ambassador Sattler calls on citizens of B&H to vote: There is chance on October 2 (Dnevni avaz)
• OSCE PA Charalambides meets Genjac in Sarajevo: There is big interest of international officials for general elections in B&H (Nova BH)
• SNSD’s Dodik says he does not need to prove his patriotism, notes SNSD has clear program for strengthening of RS: I want to see RS on its own, stable and proud (Glas Srpske)
• Cvijanovic: I will represent interests of RS and work to preserve its autonomy using all available means; I want to crrate conditions for prosperity and development of both entities if possible, but I will not hesitate to use mechanisms to protect RS (Nezavisne)
• Sarovic: SNSD has nothing to offer except staged crises, Dodik run away from B&H Presidency sessions and hid behind false patriotism; I do not have to prove my patriotism, we will focus on progress and EU path (Nezavisne)
• PDP’s Trivic rejects accusations on receiving financial aid from USA, lists measures which she plans to implement if she is elected RS President (Glas Srpske)
• Covic calls on Croat voters to go to the polls in mass numbers, says it is hard to predict when election results will be implemented (Vecernji list)
• Orban expresses support for Dodik at general elections (RTRS)
• Croatia’s PM: EP initiative to suspend negotiations with Serbia “logical” (Hina)
• Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic says it is very important for Croats to be represented by legitimate representatives (Vecernji list)
• Several people suspected of collaborating with Russian secret serviceꓼ no one arrested yet (CDM)
• Abazovic: Several people arrested, their names can only be revealed by SDT; Prosecutor Radonjic: No one currently arrested (CDM)
• Montenegro declared six Russian diplomats persona non grata; Embassy of Russia: Hostile behavior of the Montenegrin authorities, we are suspending the work of the consular department until further notice (CDM)
• Djukanovic: Montenegro strongly condemns any attempt to appropriate parts of the territory of Ukraine (CDM)
North Macedonia
• What should Macedonia expect from the elections in Bulgaria? (Libertas)
• Four regions seek union with Russia! USA and Albania, resolution against Moscow referendums (Radio Tirana)
• President Bajram Begaj receives the US Ambassador to our country, Yuri Kim, in the Presidency (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 30, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 30, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Official confirmation: Visa liberalisation on EU agenda on Oct 13 (Koha)
• Decision on strike suspension will be made today, announced on Saturday (Koha)
• UNICEF expresses concern over delayed start of the school year (media)
• Parents Council: If classes don’t start on Oct 3, mass deregistration (Indeksonline)
• Kurti: Kosovo and Germany have special friendship (media)
• Osmani receives credentials of new French Ambassador Guerot (media)
• Osmani meets FIFA President Gianni Infantino (media)
• Haxhiu: Info that cameras in Dehari case were taken by order of former minister (Kallxo)
• LDK leader: Government is strangling businesses, failing to support them (Koha)
• Mustafi wants Presevo Valley to be included in Kosovo-Serbia agreement (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: Serbia to remain on European path, as independent and sovereign state (N1)
• Vucic, Sarrazin discuss Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, situation in region (Tanjug)
• Bo: Serbia, China example of mutual respect, cooperation (Tanjug)
• RFE: The EU’s latest package of sanctions foresees an exemption for the Western Balkans (Kontakt plus radio, Danas)
• The Management Team, the only one responsible for drafting the ZSO statute, completed the work in August 2018 (Kosovo Online)
• Vulin: Serbia is not a reserve, we make our own decisions (N1)
• Gracanica Mayor statement on the municipality decision to exchange land (Kosovo Online)


• A text the author will never read – on the mad race between the government and the unions over the teachers’ strike (KoSSev)


• Coffee Festival Helps Bridge Divide in City of Mitrovica (Prishtina Insight)
• Serbia’s Minorities Hope for Better Results in 2022 Census (BIRN)
• Montenegro Launches Probe Into Suspected Russian Spies (BIRN)
• North Macedonia Opposition Stalls ‘Open Balkan’ Free Flow of Workers (Balkan Insight)


• PriFilm Fest’s Controversial Prizes Spark Gender Debate (Prishtina Insight)
• Serbian Government allows some higher food prices (N1)
• Former SFRY New York mansion sold for $50 million (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 30, 2022

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• Kurti thanks Lipavsky for Czech Republic’s visa liberalisation support (RTK)
• Von Cramon: France, Netherlands will not block visa liberalisation (T7)
• Osmani to attend inaugural meeting of European Political Community (media)
• Osmani meets Abbott and Knox, discuss political developments (RTK)
• Kurti calls on Serbs to register Kosovo license plates, gives Incentive (Exit)
• Lajcak meets Chancellor Scholz’s advisor, discuss next steps in dialogue (Koha)
• SBASHK to announce vote results on strike suspension during weekend (Koha)
• Abdixhiku accuses government of arrogance and undemocratic behavior (media)
• Albania and Russia clash over Kosovo, PM welcomes fleeing Russians (Exit)
• How One Gesture Curbed Ethnic Discrimination (Prishtina Insight)

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