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Covic: Realistic danger for Serbs in north of Kosovo, prudent in Berlin (RTS)

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Former head of the Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija, Nebojsa Covic told RTS he thinks there is a realistic danger of new conflicts because “Kosovo attempts to roundup its sovereignty.” According to him, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuel Macron want to overcome the problems in Kosovo and continue the dialogue, however that is not possible, Covic stressed.

Commenting on the decision of Srpska Lista to take part in early mayoral elections in four northern municipalities, Covic said this decision was good and timely “so the Serbs cannot be portrayed as bad guys again.”

“Guided by experience, our biggest problem is Serbian unity, respectively Serbian disunity, many are playing on it now. They all think, if Serbs do not show up, some other groups would, thus creating an illusion these were multi-ethnic elections. That game has already been seen,” Covic said for the RTS morning news edition.

He also noted the strong pressure has been exerted on Serbs in the north of Kosovo, since according to him, an attempt to roundup sovereignty of Kosovo is underway.

“I didn’t say a major evil is being prepared for the Serbs, as some media noted in their headlines, but that there is a danger from aggressive approach to the north, provocations are present, four Albanian army officers in the reconnaissance tour, army in the north, then ROSU. There is a plan for it, and we know about it,” Covic explained.

According to Covic, KFOR Commander should take into account not to undertake illogical actions that cause frustration among the Serb community and which are not within the UN SC Resolution 1244.

“They overstepped their authority, and everybody should do his work. Let commanders do their work because they should ensure peace, stability and normal life to all communities in Kosovo,” Covic said.

He added the danger of new conflicts is realistic. “It is ours to say it won’t end that way. Serbia has an obligation to protect the Serb community and to say so without fear and politicization. There should be a common minimum about Kosovo, because this is the problem of all the problems. It is about territory of Serbia, and our roots are there. Some take it easy. I do not think that way. We should get closer and reach a unity on this issue,” Covic pointed out.

Prudency in a meeting in Berlin

Speaking about the meeting in Berlin, Covic said it is good there is an initiative to have the meeting there, but one should remain prudent.

“I think that this meeting might bring about disavowing the Brussels agreement that has not been fully implemented. I think Germany and France are promoting themselves as new leaders and it is their wish to be so in a new, redefined EU,” Covic said.

He added Berlin and London prolong non-cancelation of the tariffs introduced by Pristina.

“They are not for the resolution of the Kosovo issue, which additionally stimulates Haradinaj to remain in his position when it comes to the tariffs, establishment of the army and dialogue platform,” Covic said.

According to him, great leaders, Merkel and Macron want to overcome the issues when it comes to Kosovo.

“They wish to say, ‘tariffs are not important, neither army or the platform,’ ‘let’s continue the dialogue.’ No, it cannot happen that way, tariffs must be revoked, and when that happens agreements should be analysed because the EU was a guarantor for them. So what, we should not faint (due to excitement) because they are great leaders.”

Commenting on the unofficial announcement that Albania’s President Edi Rama and chief of diplomacy Ilir Meta would be present at a meeting in Berlin, Covic said, it this information is accurate then there is a new dimension.

“They are now (Merkel and Macron) taking part in the creating of ‘Great Albania’ and NATO has already started doing it. This must be considered. I think it is good that Serbia does not back in, but there are many things you can’t do, regardless of this being the Balkan and we are the Balkan people (…),” Covic concluded.

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