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“Vucic prepares ground for legally binding agreement” (Danas)

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said over the weekend that Kosovo will in the future get independence and sovereignty on its entire territory, not because he will recognize it, but because a solution he was offering did not pass, Belgrade-based daily Danas reports, adding Vucic did not precisely say what solution he was offering, and who has rejected what he has offered.

Political analyst, Boban Stojanovic pointed out that after seven years in power, during which Vucic negotiated on Kosovo, he sees no one else but him who could be held accountable if Kosovo gets the sovereignty on its entire territory in the future.

Stojanovic also believes this statement could represent an announcement and a preparation of the ground for recognition of Kosovo. He further explained it does not necessarily mean Aleksandar Vucic would sign such an act, but the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic might do so.

“For all these seven years, we did not know what is done within the framework of the negotiations, and what was Serbia’s position, and now it turned out citizens rejected something they even did not know it was our negotiation position. It seems to me Vucic is trying in some way to ‘wash out’”, Stojanovic stated.

At the moment the topic of division was put aside, and it seems to me it is about preparation of a ground for a legally binding agreement, that is being expected for several years now, Stojanovic said, adding that President Vucic acts in a familiar manner – I did my utmost, but sometimes you simply cannot win.

Member of the opposition Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) Presidency Petar Miletic said there are many unclarities in the statement of the President Vucic. He asked who is to blame if Serbia recognizes Kosovo, and if it happens during Vucic’s mandate, respectively after seven years of his rule.

“It is clear to us, that President Vucic while coming to power, obviously made a promise to someone he would recognize Kosovo, and everything he did so far in relation to Kosovo were his manoeuvres. If he has decided to recognize Kosovo, then he should clearly and unequivocally stand before the citizens of Serbia and say so, and also reveal under what conditions he did it and what Serbs living in Kosovo would get in that case,” Miletic said.

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