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Jeremic: Internationals will not let Vucic go down if he recognizes Kosovo (Danas)

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Leader of Peoples’ Party (NS) Vuk Jeremic said Serbian opposition at no cost must fall prey to the temptation to silently support the Serbian President and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vucic in his intention to resolve the difficult Kosovo issue by an act of “grand-treason” hoping that afterwards the internationals would let him go down, Danas daily reports.

“If we permit Vucic to sign an act of grand-treason, he would fight to remain in power till the end of his life. He would act as his political twin-brother Milo Djukanovic is doing in Montenegro, by deepening the links with the organized crime and selling out one by one historic and state interests, irrespective of the peoples’ will,” Jeremic noted.

“In no way we must fall prey to the temptation as SNS did in 2012, while coming to power to promise the issue of Kosovo and Metohija would be resolved contrary to the interests of Serbia. Doing business with a devil always takes a toll, as the ‘payment’ for Vucic comes now,” Jeremic added.

Commenting on delineation, Jeremic said it means the division of Kosovo and Metohija, by which Serbia would get only a few percentages of the province’s territory in the north, while Kosovo Albanians would in return get part of the southern Serbia.

“The consequence of signing such an agreement and enabling Pristina’s membership in the UN would be opening of new territorial issues in the coming decades, and it would go out of control,” Jeremic said.

“Vucic recently in a cold-blooded manner said Albanians would eventually get independence in the entire territory of Kosovo, and it will be no his fault. He enters negotiations with the other party by saying it would get everything it seeks. Then why the other side would be ready to accept anything less than it demands, at least as long as Vucic is in power,” Jeremic wondered.

Jeremic went on saying that the way Vucic’s regime negotiated about Kosovo and Metohija since 2012 would be remembered as the worst negotiations in the contemporary diplomatic history.

“Only an idiot or somebody who has received something in return, but not in Kosovo, would do something like that. They gave everything over the last seven years, and received nothing, and yet they brag about it, (…),” Jeremic said.


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