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Veseli: I have nothing to do with video, it is fake and manipulation (media)

By   /  23/05/2019  /  Comments Off on Veseli: I have nothing to do with video, it is fake and manipulation (media)

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Kosovo Assembly President and Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader, Kadri Veseli, held a press conference today after the publication of several videos showing people suspected of being involved in criminal activities mentioning his name. Veseli told reporters that he has nothing to do with the case or the people involved in it. “This week, some media published videos from a case of organized crime, in which some people who are suspected of usury, fraud and other serious crimes, mentioned my name. I want to say that have nothing to do with the case or the people involved in it. This is a classic case of deception and manipulation. I am confident that investigative and judicial authorities were aware of it for a long time now,” he said. Veseli said that if there is any indication that he was involved in the affair, he will immediately resign. “This is my life’s belief. This is my policy. I say with full confidence: my name was misused in this criminal act of deception. When the truth will come out, some one will have to be held accountable, regardless of whether they are part of police, the judiciary or politics,” Veseli said. “How is it possible that in this case of organized crime, and there was evidence since 2013, that action was undertaken six years later? Who is the person, or persons, that have covered this case of organized crime for over six years? Who and for what reason used this delay and made it possible to cover-up and not prosecute the criminal act? Why were these video-recordings kept in the files of police and prosecution for so many years and were not addressed in due time and with the necessary actions … The video clearly reveals there was a crime, and this is evident to every citizen and let alone to the judiciary. There are two crimes here. The crime that was committed and the crime was covered up. It is an even bigger crime to cover-up a crime for six years. There is no doubt that this is an organized crime scheme and I can assure that this will be seen through, until the whole case is clarified and all those that were involved in the attempt to stain my name are brought to justice. Someone will be held accountable. Someone will have to answer for this.”

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