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Serbian bishop says President Vucic did not reveal plan for Kosovo (N1, Beta, Vreme)

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Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishop Grigorije said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic did not disclose his plan for Kosovo at a recent meeting with Serbian Ortodox Churh Assembly.

The Dusseldorf-based Bishop Grigorije told this week’s issue of Belgrade based weekly Vreme that Vucic told the bishops that he “managed to push the other side into a direction that it opposed since the start, but that obstructions arriving from the Serbian side led to the negotiations taking a turn which is bad for us,” quoted Serbian media.

“The president said that we gambled away our historic opportunity and can delude ourselves for some time with the idea that Kosovo is ours but that one morning someone will wake us to tell us the sobering truth, just like with Montenegro,” said Bishop Grigorije to the weekly.

The Bishop quoted Vucic as saying that it’s just a question of time before the painful ulcer bursts.

The meeting with the Serbian president was in the form of a normal dialogue, but that “later it turned into an attack on (Prizren and Raska) Bishop Teodosije.”

”Not only that it was not a dialogue, but it was groundless attack which had no place there. Bishop Teodosije showed enviable patience and calm even though the meeting took a wrong turn and lost any meaning,” Grigorije assessed.

He states that several bishops, including him, attended this meeting mostly because of him – the bishop of Raska-Prizren, precisely because the topic was the area in which he manages the Church.

He said that they could not allow not to be at the meeting ” because of the topic that was supposed to be discussed at that meeting, and because of the Bishop Teodosije, who is the bearer of the greatest burden – the question of the survival of our people in Kosovo and Metohija,” said Bishop Grigorije .

He said that Bishop Amfilohije, known as a conservative, tried to calm the situation, telling Vucic that he should not take things so personally.

“Things ended with no clear outcome, conclusion or plan with a concrete solution and way out of the current situation in Kosovo,” Bishop Grigorije said.

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