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Dacic: Dialogue on resuscitation (Blic, N1)

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Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said yesterday that the dialogue with Pristina was on resuscitation and that the continuation depends on the “reanimator”, that was, those who should inhale a life into it, reported Belgrade based daily Blic.

At a news conference after meeting with Miroslav Lajcak, Dacic said that Pristina had the goal of obstructing dialogue and find a solution, as it assessed that it was not in their interest and the way, they drawn it.

Asked to comment on whether the format of the dialogue would change, Dacic said that it would continue in that format, although “the dialogue is on resuscitation”.

– Will it succeed depends on the re-animator and those who need to breathe new life into dialogue – said Dacic, adding that the summit in Berlin and Paris are not a substitute for dialogue.

According to him, the recent summit in Berlin showed no progress, although the aim was to revive the dialogue, and that despite these efforts ”brutal attacks and the incursion of ROSU units in the north of Kosovo” have happened.

He said that the format of the dialogue cannot be changed without the consent of Serbia and stated that everyone “push” to involve the US in the dialogue but not Russia.

He also recalled the statement that things should be dealt with in accordance with the situation on the ground.

– Pristina starts from the point that everything is resolved, and it is not the case – said Dacic asked to comment on what his statement meant that the solution should be in line with the situation on the ground, which was, as he said, the favorite formulation of the US and the international community to justify ‘Kosovo’s independence’.

He added that his view was that the problem should be solved in accordance with the situation on the ground.

– Belgrade has no full sovereignty over Pristina, nor Pristina in the north. Any change in the situation can only happen by force, and it would destabilize the Balkans – Dacic said.

Dacic also said that nothing extraordinary should be made from the UN session scheduled for 10 June, and that no conclusions should be expected.

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