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“I will not keep silent at lies, at the price of sacking” says Dacic explaining what provoked him to ”attack” Vlora Citaku in New York (Blic, B92, Tanjug, N1)

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”I did not attack Vlora Citaku, but I told her that what she said at the session of the UN Security Council was the greatest embarrassment and stupidity,” says Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic to Belgrade based daily Blic.

In this way, he clarifies what happened at the session yesterday, after he referred to the words of the Kosovo representative in the UN, Vlora Citaku, which she characterized as “shouting” and “insulting” on Twitter, reports Blic.

“What she talked about decolonization, that we colonized Kosovo, I reacted to that,” Dacic said. As he stated, he asked Citaku how she was not ashamed.

– Let her show me one Albanian monument from that time, unlike our churches and monasteries from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. They absolutely are not interested in anything, only lies and propaganda, Dacic told Blic.

After this “exchange of thought” in the hall where the session was held, Dacic went to his side.

“Whoever can resent, but I will never be silent at such insolence and shameless lies even at the cost of my replacement,” Dacic said.

Blic reports that yesterday, Citaku said that after the end of the session of the UN Security Council, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic shouted at her and the Pristina delegation and insulted them.

– After today’s session of the UN Security Council, when I spoke with the delegations of the United States and the United Kingdom, the Serbian Foreign Minister came to me shouting and insulting me and the Kosovo delegation – she announced on Thursday in her Twitter account.

– The ones with whom you are sitting are your colonizers – quoted Citaku the words of Ivica Dacic and posted the video.

On Twitter, a second video was posted, on which Dacic explains during his address to the session that Serbs are not “colonizers” in Kosovo but have been expelled.

– 1.9 percent of expelled Serbs returned to Kosovo. What it means? Well, they were not a colonial power there. They lived there for centuries. In Kosovo, the first Serbian city was Prizren, all our monuments are there. Ms. Citaku, it’s not okay to laugh, find me one of your monuments – said Dacic during his address.

– How much one should have no shame that in the SC before the great colonial forces that had their colonies all over the world, and in front of African, South American and Asian countries that have been liberating from colonialism, use one such term without being ashamed, it is pure disgrace – Dacic told Serbian broadcaster RTS.

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