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Residents of North Mitrovica believe that the tariffs will be abolished (RTK2)

By   /  17/06/2019  /  Comments Off on Residents of North Mitrovica believe that the tariffs will be abolished (RTK2)

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RTK2 reported on Saturday that the decision on tariffs imposed by the Government of Kosovo on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in November last year was still in force.

In the meantime, many international officials have called on authorities in Pristina to revoke this decision, and recently Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova, pointed out that Pristina has violated CEFTA and SAA agreements by a decision on tariffs, wrote RTK2.

Citizens from northern Kosovo, as well as political analysts, were convinced that the tariffs would be soon abolished.

Citizens in North Mitrovica believe that the decision on tariffs would be abolished, and noted that the shortage of Serbian products was not noticeable:

“Well, I do not know exactly how much goods there are, because I am not involved in trade, but for now there is enough”.

“These are stories for young children, nothing will come out of those tariffs. They have to be abolished”.

Political analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu opined that the decision on the tariffs would be suspended.

“This situation is not good for Kosovo, it is also not good for the region, along with the mutual conditioning, because as you know, the tariffs are conditioned by the recognition of Kosovo’s independence while Belgrade insists on abolition of tariffs, for the dialogue to continue, and thus this is a vicious circle which should be broken” he said.

Belgrade’s analyst Dusan Janjic pointed that the decision on tariffs was politically motivated.

“The political need to show that Kosovo is a state, that its customs and police control the entire territory, that it’s even capable of fighting organized crime, and now it’s done. These reasons no longer exist as a need to justify the introduction of tariffs, and secondly, the other part of the motivation for imposing tariffs- that Serbia ought to stop lobbying against an independent Kosovo-that too has not happened,” Janjic said.

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