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Djuric: Pristina’s pressure against Serbs increases (RTV Puls, TV Pink, Politika)

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Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Djuric expressed concern today over additional pressure Pristina exercises against the Serbs in the north, adding Albanians cut off the channels of supply of basic life commodities from central Serbia.

Djuric told TV Pink the shortage of some commodities in the northern municipalities started and noted that Serbia will find the way to deliver the goods to its people in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, Belgrade-based daily Politika writes today on its front page that inhabitants of the northern municipalities are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster as there is a shortage of basic commodities in the shops.

Sven months after the Pristina authorities have imposed 100 percent tariffs on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 400 businessmen, owners of the shops consider closing their stores down due to lack of products. Politika said the milk, diary products, oil, sugar and salt are not supplied for several days.

The President of Businessmen Association in the north of Kosovo, Rados Petrovic told Politka the reserves of wheat were spent and there would be no bread available in the shops as of Thursday.

“We are pressured from all sides. Members of the Kosovo border police arrest people transporting commodities from central Serbia, confiscate their trucks, vans and goods, as well as these people are faced with draconic fines, they must pay within the short time otherwise they would end up in a prison,” Petrovic told Politika.

He also warned of food shortage in the hospital, students’ centre, kindergartens. He urged the international community and the Serbian state to undertake steps in order to lift the tariffs Pristina imposed.

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