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OSCE Broadcast 27 June

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• Thaçi calls for political unity in dialogue with Serbia (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Serbian funded project to be inaugurated in Gazivoda, Zubin Potok (Klan Kosova)
• Another challenge towards INTERPOL (KTV)
• MFA fails to justify 58,000 expenditure (KTV & RTK)

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  • Thaçi calls for political unity in dialogue with Serbia (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
  • Serbian funded project to be inaugurated in Gazivoda, Zubin Potok (Klan Kosova)
  • Another challenge towards INTERPOL (KTV)
  • MFA fails to justify 58,000 expenditure (KTV & RTK)



Thaçi calls for political unity in dialogue with Serbia

(All monitored broadcasters, KTV)

The Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi reacted following the decision of the Constitutional Court, which found the Kosovo Delegation for Negotiations with Serbia unconstitutional.

On a Facebook post, he wrote that he appreciated political willingness and individual accountability of the Negotiation Team chairs, who, at the time when Kosovo was boiling from dry political debates, were able to move beyond those and take state responsibilities.

Thaçi says that in line with the Constitution and with political will, the institutional leaders and political leaders of all entities should be united in the dialogue process to achieve a peaceful agreement, which opens the perspective for integration of Kosovo, and brings isolation and stagnation to an end.

“Republic of Kosovo was, is, and will always be committed to strengthening peace and stability through dialogue and European way, supported by the US and by all our partners,” he said.

According to him, Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo is our guideline in every step towards strengthening our statehood and towards Euro-Atlantic integration of our state.

”No-one alone can take over the burden of resolving a century-long conflict with Serbia; therefore, I have always appealed for political unity in this crucial process four our country and citizens,” Thaçi highlighted.

“Kosovo, an independent state, integrated in the EU, NATO, and the UN, in peace and in good neighbourhood – that is our obligation to younger generations, who should not grow up with interethnic hate and prejudice, which was the case with us. We have won the war, and we should also win the peace for citizens of all communities living in our multi-ethnic society,” Thaçi added.

Serbian funded project to be inaugurated in Gazivoda, Zubin Potok

(Klan Kosova)

Inauguration of the new water supply system will happen in Gazivoda, Zubin Potok. All funds for this project were provided by Serbia, totally neglecting Prishtinë/Pristina.

The new water implant in the north is considered as another attempt of Belgrade to separate the north, including in terms of water supply.

Officials of Iberlepenc, the enterprise which manages Gazivoda Lake, say that everything happened without their consent.

It was only on Thursday that even the Kosovo Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Fatmir Matoshi heard about this, although it is him who was supposed to issue the permit for the project.

The project inauguration is scheduled to happen on Friday, 28th June, on St Vitus Day. Most probably, it will be inaugurated by Marko Djuric, who entered Kosovo upon the permit issued by Prishtinë/Pristina authorities.

Another challenge towards INTERPOL


Executive Committee of the International Police Organisation (INTERPOL) has decided in favour of submission of the Kosovo Police file for voting in the General Assembly of INTERPOL, which this year will be held in Chile. This has been confirmed by the Kosovo Government officials.

Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli posted on Facebook that the majority of representatives of ten countries, who are members of the Executive Committee of INTERPOL this year, argued in favour of the Kosovo Police application to be proceeded to the General Assembly,” Pacolli wrote.

“We hope that Serbia also will invoke common sense, and will not act with its obstructions against peace and security,” Pacolli posted on Facebook, adding that obstructing and lobbying against membership of the Kosovo Police in INTERPOL would be primitive and senseless.

Talking to Radio Free Europe, Kosovo political analyst Artan Muhaxhiri said he was quite sceptical about a possible success for Kosovo of becoming a member of INTERPOL this year.

“Unfortunately, this time again there is no substantial change, neither in Kosovo’s nor in Serbia’s approach. So, as long as there will not be big changes by the Kosovo side in terms of seriousness of preparing the application, as well as by the Serbian side of not investing so much political and financial power in obstructing Kosovo in its INTERPOL membership, I do not believe that the result may be any different compared with the last time, which is a negative result,” Muhaxhiri emphasised.

Anton Berisha, Kosovo Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, had told Radio Free Europe earlier that the EU as facilitator in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is aware of the agreement reached in Brussels that Kosovo shall not be obstructed in joining international mechanisms.

MFA fails to justify 58,000 euro expenditure


In April this year, the Auditor General raised questions about the expenditure that had been done with credit card of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in 2018.

Until then, five senior officials of the Ministry had failed to justify the expenditures of 68,000 euro.

An internal communication of MFA, which KTV got hold of, requested explanation about the expenditures of the Minister Behgjet Pacolli, his advisor Jetlir Zyberaj, and of deputy ministers Anton Berisha, Rejhan Vuniqi, and Besnik Hoti.

It says that those credit cards had not been closed for 2018, due to the delayed or missing reports.

According to the document, which KTV got hold of, Minister Behgjet Pacolli spent 8.360 euro in October 2018, and 22.753 euro in November 2018, which in total is 31.113 euro unjustified.

In a written response, MFA said that this amount was for several months, but they did not specify the time period.

In addition, MFA said that the expenditures under the name of Minister Behgjet Pacolli are not only individual, but they also include various delegations of this sector.

Deputy Minister Anton Berisha has been asked to provide explanation about 14.747 euro spent in September 2018, and 3.749 euro in October 2018, or in total 18.497 euro.

Berisha stated to KTV that it was not only his expenditure, but payments were made also for various delegations and visits.

Almost as much as Deputy Minister Berisha has been spent by Minister Pacolli’s advisor Jetlir Zyberi. He failed to justify the expenditure of 15.990 euro.

Deputy Minister Rejhan Vuniqi has been requested to provide explanation about spending over 1,900 euro, and Deputy Minister Besnik Hoti about 214 euro.

According to MFA, the expenditures are fully in line with the applicable laws and bylaws.

Office of the National Auditor still has not published its report on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All monitored broadcasters reported about the reaction of the LDK caucus leader Avdullah Hoti to this situation. Hoti said that MFA has been playing havoc with credit cards. On a Facebook post, he stated that justice will be done, however late.

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