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Vucic ‘European Robin Hood’, hospital chief says supplies are low, residents don’t want goods from Pristina (Serbian media)

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President of Serbia in today’s press conference told reporters that the situation in northern Kosovo, was increasingly more difficult, while the political-security situation in his view is very complex.

He says that the biggest problem with the supply is caused by Pristina’s tariffs, i.e. 100 per cent on goods from central Serbia.

”When someone introduced a 100 percent tariff for you, he/she has banned you from trading,” Vucic sad, reported Serbian media. He pointed out that the state of Serbia has found ways to supply the population in the north. During this period, Albanians seized 16 trucks with the goods, drivers were detained, insulted, mistreated.

”The 14 trucks were transporting food products and two cattle food,” he said. One van was shot at on June 11 in Josanica, in the municipality of Leposavic.

Vucic says that there are three questions to be asked: Why is Pristina doing this, what is the ultimate goal of Pristina and some of the Westerners who support such actions and what can Serbia do.

Vucic thinks that Pristina is trying to make the Serbs from the north of Kosovo forget about Central Serbia and to make them realize that the goods from there are not necessary, but that Serbs would drink, for instance, Pec beer instead of ”Zajecarsko”.

”They tried yesterday to bring, in the trucks with no rules, no fiscal cash registries, and sell goods to Serbs. I was proud of Serbian people because 403 sales facilities were closed, they were united in their protest and nonviolent Gandhi-like resistance,” Vucic said.

The Serbs showed the capability, courage, organization and determination to survive at their homes and be with Serbia.

”I admire our people, this heroism remained unrecorded in our country, but it deserves not only respect but also admiration. They did not sell a single kilo of sugar or salt yesterday, nor did they want to buy anything, they did not come, ” Vucic said.

He said that he would not allow Serbs to go hungry.

”We will make-do the to the best of our abilities to deliver food, water and medicines to our people, that’s all I can say, as we have done so far – we will always do it. Even if I had to become this notorious European Robin Hood, it’s that crazy Vucic sending food and water from the forest. Our people will not be hungry or thirsty,” he concluded.

The CEO of the clinical center (KBC) in north Mitrovica warned on Tuesday that food and medical supplies were being exhausted.

”There is an obvious bad intention by Pristina to create abnormal living conditions for our people and the for the treatment of our patients. We have taken the necessary measures and are managing to treat our patients, but we don’t know for how long,” he said and added that fuel supplies for ambulances are also at an end.

Regional broadcaster N1 reports that the majority-Serb northern part of Mitrovica say they do not want to buy groceries and other supplies at the mobile stores set up by the Kosovo government. Some of them said say that they would rather travel to the town of Raska across the border line to buy food than shop at the mobile stores.

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