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Media: The man mentioned by Vucic trained in the CIA headquarters (Vecernje Novosti, Tanjug, B92)

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“I cannot speculate whether Florim Ejupi was involved in Oliver Ivanovic’s murder, but I can say that he was selected and trained in some of CIA headquarters,” Novosti daily said it got this information from a Swedish judge Christer Karphammar, who was in charge of the investigation on the bomb attack on the Nis Express bus near Podujevo, back in 2001. He added that this was known at times when Ejupi was arrested in 2001.

“When on May 14, 2001, Ejupi mysteriously escaped from ‘Bondsteel’ camp, I’ve heard for the first time that he is CIA member. I’ve found out unofficially on later occasion that it was decided Ejupi will not face court trial as he could speak about the political background of the crimes committed in KiM back then. Upon arrest, he simply said: ‘I will remain silent’. In the UNMIK investigation records, those were the only words he uttered”, Karphammar added.

It is not known when or in what way CIA recruited Ejupi, Novosti further reported. During the war, he was not present on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, but was involved in criminal activities in Germany, such as robberies, extortion and drug trafficking, Novosti daily found out.

According to these findings, Ejupi was a member of the group which organized pogrom of the Serbs in Kosovo back in 2004, while he is also suspected of assassinating Tahir Zemaj and Jemail Mustafa, close associates of the first President of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova. This bloody streak leads to the murder of Ivanovic on January 16, 2018, Novosti concluded.

Shortly before the crime, as Serbian intelligence agencies report, Ejupi arrived from Tirana to Kosovo, departing soon afterwards to Germany.

See at: https://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2019&mm=07&dd=05&nav_id=106965

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