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Drecun for Politika: There are witnesses, they should be protected (Serbian media)

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KiM Assembly Committee Chairman Milovan Drecun said there is new evidence against Ramus Haradinaj for crimes he has not been tried for, reports Serbian media, quoting daily Politika.

Drecun said this to Belgrade based daily Politika and added that Serbian authorities had found a way to speak with the Hague prosecutor, even though it was part of ”the unrecognized Kosovo judiciary”.

“We have put in place a mechanism to avoid any interpretation of recognizing self-proclaimed Kosovo through cooperation with the prosecution,” Drecun said.

“There are current witnesses and facts that cannot be discussed now. The excuse for Carla del Ponte for not launching a ‘yellow house’ case earlier was that no bodies were found. The Hague also tried Serbs for crimes and when there were no bodies, so it should not be an obstacle,” Drecun tells Politika.

Drecun emphasized that the climate has now changed and that responsibility for the KLA’s crimes is being determined.

“It will all depend on whether there will be valid evidence for what Dick Marty was talking about. The documentation was destroyed on the pretext that they had no place to keep it. It is not known exactly what went missing and what the new prosecution has at its disposal and it is not revealed for now,” Drecun said.

The author of texts from the Srna news agency told Politika, in connection to ”the testimonies of Albanians involved in the abduction and abuse of the Serbs in Kosovo and their move to Albania” and other information, that he still intends to list the names of the killed Serbs, as well as reports after their exhumation.

He explained that confidential documents, a part of which was published by the Srna agency and transmitted by the Tanjug agency and other Serbian media, came to him about a month ago.

“This is about 30 pages of material. All of their testimony was forwarded to a certain Jonathan Such, to my knowledge, to a representative of The Hague prosecution,” said Srna agency journalist, who wanted to remain anonymous.

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