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Psychological pressure on Oliver Ivanovic’s associate (Danas, Radio kontakt plus)

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The hearing of Silvana Arsovic, long-term secretary and associate of murdered Oliver Ivanovic lasted three and a half hours yesterday in Pristina Special Prosecution, Danas daily reports.  

This is the fifth time that Arsovic, as a suspect within Olvier Ivanovic’s murder investigation, is giving a statement. At the time of Ivanovic’s murder, the surveillance cameras in his political party premises were allegedly switched off, and Kosovo police believes it was Arsovic who switched them off.

Civic Initiative Freedom, Democracy, Justice (GI SDP) said yesterday that Ivanovic’s associates are being interrogated, while the murderer and instigator of the murder remain free.

“At yesterday’s hearing of Silvana Arsovic, the prosecutor offered no single new detail related to the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Namely, he only insisted that the expertise of surveillance cameras was done, and it was concluded they were switched off on January 4 and turned on on January 16, ten minutes after the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic. The prosecutor persistently claims it was Arsovic who switched the cameras off because she was alone at the party premises at the time of the murder. When her lawyer requested that alleged expertise be delivered to us, the prosecutor refused,” Ksenija Bozovic from the GI SPD told Danas daily.

According to Bozovic, representatives of the investigative bodies were rude towards Arsovic, exerting psychological pressure on her.

“Her health condition is impaired, we do not know if she would survive all what is happening to her,” Bozovic emphasised, adding the investigation into Ivanovic’s murder since the beginning was conducted very sloppy.

Meanwhile, Arsovic’s lawyer Dobrica Lazic said Arsovic was interviewed over the same matter as in November last year, when she was detained.

“They told us they have evidence against her for aiding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. We were told that the expertise shown she has turned the cameras on after the murder. However, this evidence is not sufficient to charge someone with such a serious criminal act. Material evidence is needed,” Lazic said, Radio kontakt plus reports.

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