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Alexander Botsan – Kharchenko to TV Prva: Russia supports Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Serbian media)

By   /  15/08/2019  /  Comments Off on Alexander Botsan – Kharchenko to TV Prva: Russia supports Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Serbian media)

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Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko told Belgrade based TV Prva this morning that Kosovo is an issue that needs additional international community activity and that Russia is ready to assist in establishing or renewing Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Botsan-Kharchenko says that Russia is ready to help the dialogue if Belgrade seeks help, primarily at the UN Security Council, as well as in Russia’s relations with the EU and Washington.

– If Belgrade or other factors want Russia’s participation, we are ready for that, but we want to make sure that the dialogue is developed strictly within the framework of international law, that is, UN Security Council Resolution 1244 – he said.

Commenting on the statement by Quint on Kosovo and the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, he said that he had found nothing new in it and that it was a well-known attitude of the Western countries.

– I think that there is obviously a one-sided approach, because as far as the dialogue and the reason, why there is none now, Belgrade is not at all guilty – the Russian ambassador points out.

Asked if Russia as a Kosovo solution would accept the exchange of territories or demarcation, he says that Russia has a general position, which is that it is ready to support everything that suits Belgrade and above all within international law.

– If both parties agree on an option, then that option must be acceptable and supported by the Security Council – said Bortsan-Kharchenko.

He also added that efforts are still underway to have Kosovo enter international institutions, but that Russia finds it impossible for Kosovo to become a member of international institutions, above all the UN but others too.

As TV Prva noted that all five member states of the Security Council changed their ambassadors to Serbia almost simultaneously, Bocan-Harchenko said he was convinced that there was no common decision and thinking. But he adds, however, that on the other hand, there may be some general or common vision that Serbia is a key country for the Western Balkans, and that there are additional tensions regarding Kosovo.

– We agree that there are security issues and I think that in other capitols think so – says Botsan-Kharchenko.

Asked how Russia would view Serbia in case it says it wants to become a NATO member, ambassador says that Serbia has a consistent stance on its neutrality, which, in Russia’s opinion, was well explained.

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