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Vujicic: Party New Power (Nova Snaga) to support the Serbian List (Kosovo Online, KIM radio, Slobodno Srpski)

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The president of the Association of Montenegrins of Kosovo, Slobodan Vujicic, said in the Free Serbian broadcast that this association, as well as the political party New Power, of which Vujicic was president until a few days ago, would support the Serbian List in the upcoming parliamentary elections, as he said , the state project of Serbia.

He cites as one of the reasons that Serbia and Montenegro have excellent and increasingly better relations. He said that some of the problems have been overcome now that were related to Kosovo, and to some different attitudes.

Vujicic believes that the decision of the Kosovo Government to impose taxes on imports of goods from Serbia and BiH is not good and will be abolished after the elections.

Vujicic also spoke about the Montenegrin Development Center, which opened in Pristina at the end of May this year. At the opening of the center were the complete Kosovo’s top and Prime Minister of Montenegro. This Center, which is a project of the Association of Montenegrins of Kosovo, has not become functional after almost four months of its opening.

According to the Kosovo Montenegrin Association, between seven and eight thousand Montenegrins currently live in Kosovo. According to Vujicic, 5,300 Montenegrins have been displaced from Kosovo, who have not yet returned to Kosovo, because there are no conditions for that.

“Conditions need to be created, houses that have been demolished should be restored, and the land that have been abducted should be returned. When they come back, they need employment, education. It’s not very simple. More than two percent of the territory of the Pec region is owned by Montenegrins, which is not small when one considers the size of that part. Mostly 70% are still usurped, houses have not been restored. Therefore, Kosovo did not created conditions for return,” Vujicic said.

Vujicic says that although the position of Montenegrins in Kosovo is improving year by year, it is still not at an enviable level, citing the example of the very low number of Montenegrins employed in Kosovo institutions and public companies.

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