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Rada v. Serbian List (Kosovo online, KoSSev, Beta)

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Rada Trajkovic, a candidate of coalition Freedom said that victory of Serbian List in the October elections in Kosovo would mean that now the ”mafia is the state project of Serbia in Kosovo”, reported portal KoSSev.

Trajkovic also said that the ”Serbian List is not competent to receive the support of the Serbian people”.

”With the victory of Serbian List, a Serbian victim which has been evident in Kosovo and Metohija for over 20 years would be compromised, because that would mean that the mafia is now an essential state project of Serbia in Kosovo,” she said.

”Serbian list, as the bearer of that compromise, whose Vice President is Milan Radoicic who is known to criminal circles, cannot be something with which Serbs should present themselves to the Kosovo and international public,” Trajkovic said.

She said that she begun the campaign ”precisely from the scene of the murder of Serbian politician Oliver Ivanovic” Trajkovic said that ”Oliver was also killed on the Serbian political scene”.

Serbian List reacted with a press release, saying that Rada Trajkovic has continued with her lies and insults to earn money from Albanian lobbyists.

”It is sad that in a decisive moment for Serbs in Kosmet and Serbia in general, some media give space to worn-out people whose sole aim is to personally get rich, even at the expense of their own people,” the Serbian List said in a press release, reported portal Kosovo online.

The list pointed out that a two-year smear campaign against Serbian List was undoubtedly a commissioned activity by Albanians and certain centres of power aimed at criminalizing the northern Kosovo, attacking the honourable and responsible Serbs and weakening the Serb people.

They add that Serbian List and Serbian public expect answers from Rada Trajkovic-was she ashamed because she was sniggering next to Kouchner when journalists investigated the trafficking in organs of abducted Serbs?

”Does she feel guilty because she bought a flat in Savski venac with money stolen from socially vulnerable Serbs? When will she tell the world why she was gloating when Oliver Ivanovic was in detention, whom she called a criminal before witnesses?” the Serbian List said.

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