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Dacic: Security Council session on Kosovo on 31 October (RTS)

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Ivica Dacic told this morning Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that after a long delay with the UK, Serbia had agreed on some of the dynamics of those regular sessions and that there are no longer any problems.

He says that the topic is now on the agenda and the latest UN Secretary-General’s report on Kosovo will be discussed on October 31.

“For the state and national interests of Serbia, for the realization of all our ideas and ideas about what to do in Kosovo – Serbs need to vote in Kosovo, they need to vote for the representatives of the Serbian List. It is about protection of the Serb people from others, that they do not elect representatives for them. If we want to protect our people in Kosovo, their legitimate representatives should participate in all decisions, “Dacic said.

According to Dacic, “one would most like to see representatives of those Serbs who oppose Serbia’s state policy to enter the Kosovo parliament.”

This is what the representatives of the Pristina authorities would like the most, but also the representatives of the international community.

The head of Serbian diplomacy states that manipulations are escalating more and more.

“It was agreed that all Serbs have their right to vote, regardless of whether they have Serbian or Kosovo documents. Through these electoral rolls, through the right to vote, through representatives on the polling boards, it is obvious that someone would like to have as many possible representatives among the guaranteed ones. Like Zagreb does not recognize the legitimacy of Komsic in BiH because he was elected by the votes of Muslims. So, it is assumed here that such Serbs would serve their interests,” Dacic pointed out.

According to him, the OSCE had previously participated more in organizing the elections.

“From election to election they go with the removal of international organizations. Without the OSCE, there is no fair election in Kosovo. The desire of the Pristina authorities is to expel all international missions from Kosovo, so that they can do whatever they want,” Dacic said. According to Dacic, this is more a message for Serbs.

“All Serbs to come out and vote for the Serbian List, to avoid manipulation with a convincing victory,” Dacic emphasized.

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