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President Vucic last night: “Serbs showed love for Serbia – this is 10: 0” (B92, RTS, Tanjug)

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President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic held a conference last night at the Palace of Serbia declaring the Serbian List victory in Kosovo’s elections on Sunday 6 October.
He said the Serbian List won more than 98 percent of votes in Serbian areas in Kosovo.

“I have won, and I have participated in many different victories in various elections and even when they said that we had no chance. This is one of my most favorite victories, achieved in the most difficult conditions, when many representatives of international organizations and countries did their best to bring down the Serbian List’s monopoly and the influence of Belgrade,” Vuic said.

Serbs, he said, went to the polls more than ever before because they wanted to show love towards their homeland of Serbia.

He added that “this is the most convincing victory for the Serbian List in history in Kosovo and Metohija”.

“This is a clear signal that the Serbs are strong, firm, unified and that they will preserve their name and their Serbian surname” Vucic said. According to him, the Serbian people has also showed that it was important for them that someone was finally looking after them-allocating the money and fighting for them.

Responding to journalists’ questions, he said it was quite certain that both Serbs and Albanians have much to talk about.

“I guarantee that the Serbian people and Serbian state no one will bring down/destroy so easily, as some have planned” Vucic said, expressing his belief that whoever came to power in Pristina would surely abolish the tax.

“You can arrest people because you don’t like that they have Serbian ID cards, or due to what they think of Racak, but you can’t destroy their love for Serbia” Vucic said.

He said that, as a conclusion, this is a big obligation and that the state of Serbia will have to work much more, to fight and look after them even more.

A convincing victory of the Serbian List in Serbian communities means that the List will have 10 out of 10 seats guaranteed to Serbs in the Kosovo parliament.

Vucic said that he did not rule out the possibility that Albin Kurti’s Vetevendosje, with votes from abroad, would win the most votes.

“For the time being, LDK is in the lead, Osmani and Mustafa. Vetevendosje is in the second place, but I expect them to get a lot of votes from abroad, so I would not rule out the possibility of them ending up in the first place. That would be a great joy for some of the Serbian politicians who supported the party, which in its program has the creation of a Greater Albania. Not for me,” Vucic said.

He thus responded to a reporter’s question on how he perceives the results of the Albanian parties, since the continuation of dialogue depends on it.

Vucic said it was important for him to be able to speak with a legitimate Albanian representative.

“We will be ready to talk to legitimate Albanian representatives, whoever that may be, it is not us who will elect them, I was not the one who released Albin Kurti from prison but DOS, I did not cooperate with him but some others, but it is up to us to talk to them and these will be very difficult conversations. There is no great philosophy here, do not expect that it will be easy for us, but it will not be easy for them either, but that is the point of negotiation – to talk and try to find a compromise solution,” Vucic said.

He said that he expected the government in Pristina to be formed in December and that this other government would abolish the tariffs, but, as he said, the negotiations will certainly be difficult.
President of Serbia was unable to say tonight when he would visit Kosovo exactly, but stressed that he would do so when his visit would not pose any problem for Serbs, especially to those that are south of Ibar.

He especially thanked the Serbs south of Ibar for having the courage to vote this way.

“I want to say a huge thank you to the people in Gorazdevac, Hoca, Plemetina, Priluzje, Babin Most, Kosovo Polje, everywhere, to thank those who voted this way in difficult conditions … for having the courage and the guts to show how much they love their country and that nobody can forbid them from having their country, their state, called Serbia,” Vucic said.

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