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Serbian List, an absolute winner in Sunday’s election for Kosovo’s assembly (KoSSev, RTS, B92, N1)

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Among the Kosovo Serb parties, the absolute winner of this Kosovo election is the Serbian List party, portal KoSSev writes.

This party has achieved its goal and won 10 out of 10 parliamentary seats reserved for the Serbian community and will be the only Serbian parliamentary party in the next Assembly of Kosovo (unless something changes when votes are officially counted, including votes by mail and conditional votes).

Additionally, Serbian List won more votes this year than in the previous election cycle, while the SLS’s votes reduced by half. This Kosovo Serb party, which has the longest experience on the Kosovo political scene, has lost its parliamentary seat – a scenario that could possibly be avoided by uniting all Serbian List’s opposition parties into one coalition.
On the other hand, for the first time in the history of its political activity, Serbian List, after winning 98% of the votes in Serb-majority communities, will take all 10 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo.

Serbian List in the Government of Self-determination?

According to the Kosovo Constitution, in a government of 12 ministries, the Serbian community is entitled to at least one minister, who must be approved by majority of members of minority communities.

This means that despite Kurti’s statements that he would not cooperate with Serbian List, as the Prime Minister-designate, he will have no choice but to appoint a Serbian minister in cooperation with Serbian List. So even though Serbian List is not part of the coalition government, its candidate will hold at least one cabinet position in a possible government of Albin Kurti.

All decisions on eventual participation in the future Kosovo Government will be made in Belgrade

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric said today that all decisions, including the eventual participation of the Serbian List in the future Government of Kosovo, will be made jointly in Belgrade, Serbian media reported.

“We always discuss important matters between ourselves, in consultation with President Aleksandar Vucic and the Government of Serbia,” Djuric said at an extraordinary press conference.

He told Pristina not to count on the Serbs’ blank support in forming the new Kosovo Government, and to show respect for the Serbian List’s deputies.

“They will have to come to an agreement with the Serbian List if they want a legitimate government,” Djuric said.

Talking about the possible continuation of talks between Belgrade and Pristina and Albin Kurti as a possible negotiator, Djuric said that anyone who wants to talk to Belgrade should not count on Serbia giving everything.

“A compromise must be reached,” Djuric said.

Serbian list result, the result of Belgrade authorities

Faculty of Political Science professor in Belgrade Zoran Stojiljkovic told regional broadcaster N1 today that the result of the Serbian List was the result of the intervention of the authorities in Belgrade and the “direct instrumentalization of the Serb political scene” in Kosovo by the ruling coalition and President Vucic.

“To be for the Serbian List is tantamount to being a patriot. The consequence now is – there is no more apology for what will happen, and this speaks of the only player in the Kosovo talks, the Serbian government.”

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