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Who speaks in the name of LDK? And what is now the first and foremost duty of Albin Kurti? (Dialogplus)

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By Enver Robelli

There are over 195 thousand voters of LDK and these want an answer to: what now? but they want the answer from the party, the leader, the general assembly – and not private unauthorized persons. Now the moment of truth has come. And in the moments of truth, the ones that got the mandate from the people should speak – not the aunties, cousins, husbands, mistresses, or FB profile holders.

LDK has a president, deputy president, and a general assembly – these are the institutions that should speak and not remain silent after elections.

The hiding behind the sentence ‘we are awaiting the final results’ only causes confusion. Because the chances are not as big for an overturn of the results. LDK shouldn’t create the impression that it doesn’t respect its voters.  There are over 195 thousand voters, and these are not a few, and they want an answer from the party and not from private or unauthorized persons. LDK should analyse its results and see what the eventual mistakes during the campaign were?

One of the biggest strategic mistakes, was this one: The fun that Lutfi Haziri was trying to make with Albin Kurti every time, calling him Mr. Bean. Every time Haziri did this comparison, Kurti gained more support. Did Haziri do this on purpose? Maybe we will know one day. However, the ‘flying’ results of VV in Gjilan, speak a lot.

Overall LDK paid its dues of having had alliances with the PDK. A lot of LDK supporters, seem to have been traumatized by the fear that the LDK would again lie down to PDK, so they voted VV, even though they don’t support VV in general.  “I would vote LDK, but I’m afraid they would again go with the PDK” this was the most often said sentence of the voters, that for years were loyal to LDK and their loyalty crumbled when Hashim Thaci became the President.

LDK should speak as a party and say what it aims? To tolerate the capturing of the state or creating a functional state? Fight corruption or tolerate corruption? Coalition with VV or adventures and deviation of the political will for change? Increase loyalty of voters or disappoint them?

A party that acts as it doesn’t know what to do with the results, such a party dismisses its voters. A normal party doesn’t do this. LDK shouldn’t create the impression that it is a party, which doesn’t know what to do, after election results – it doesn’t know the answer. The difference in votes, with VV is very close, therefore both parties could join the government as absolutely equal partners.

 Also, VV should understand this, after they awake from their victory hangover (relative). The first duty of Albin Kurti is not to act like a chosen Prime Minister. His first duty should be to form a coalition with LDK, and not give statements to Albanian TV stations that he will merge the Academy of Sciences, because first this is not his duty (academies are autonomous and have assemblies and they decide on their own, without political pressure, you can ask Mehmet Kraja about this, he can tell you!) finally, the whole rhetoric of ‘greater Albania’ was and will remain just populism. It is worth maybe asking the ‘fathers’ in Tirana: would they risk NATO membership for the sake of some slogans? The answer wouldn’t be surprising for anyone.

Secondly: We should note that VV got 31 seats (which is a great number), but not 61. ‘Forging’ alliances is the real art of politics. This is where both parties should contribute. Until now VV and Albin Kurti, personally were more honest to LDK, who acted undecided and uncertain because of its internal fractions, but also because of the fear that an eventual anti-crime and anti-corruption coalition would ‘burn’ someone that was nicely sheltered under the LDK.

Now the truth has come: yes or no? There is no other answer. No playing, no justification. Therefore, at moments of truth, the ones that got mandated by the party and by the people, and not the aunties, cousins, husbands, mistresses and FB profiles, should speak. A serious party shouldn’t allow this. And LDK was such a party [serious] historically. It should also act like that now. Unsubstantiated arrogance can be fatal.

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