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Ivanović: Useless waiting on Pristina to accept ZSO (Beta, Vecernje Novosti)

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The leader of the Civic Initiative ‘Serbia, Democracy, Justice’ (SDP) Oliver Ivanović stated that waiting on Pristina to accept the Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities (A/CSM) is useless and that Serbs should make the first step and create bodies of the A/CSM.

“Pristina will not do it, since they have their internal problems and quite strong opposition, which is not that big, but counts on the support of the frustrated Albanian population, what presents serious problems to incumbent authorities,” wrote Ivanović in a written statement, which he forwarded to Beta agency and daily ‘Jedinstvo’.

He assessed that even though they have majority in the Kosovo Assembly, the ruling government is not ready to make decisions, which is obvious through delays referring to the demarcation of the border with Montenegro and creation of the A/CSM, the two key issues they are pressed with by the Brussels.

Ivanović said that Serbs in Kosovo should make the first step and establish A/CSM bodies and implement what has been agreed by the Brussels Agreement. By doing so Serbs should ‘explain to Pristina that they will do it on their own if Pristina doesn’t enable them to do so’.

He went on to say that north of Kosovo and the status of Serbs are political issues which can only be resolved through the dialogue.

Ivanović is currently in detention, which lasts for 30 months now, pending decision of the Appellate Court following decision of the first degree court by which he was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for war crimes against Albanians in 1999.

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