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Gecaj: Mirjana Jevtić officially still the minister (RTK2)

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Deputy Minister for Local Government Bajram Gecaj told RTK2 that Mirjana Jevtić continues to be the Head of the Ministry of Local Self-Government of Kosovo.

“There is a decision of the Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa, on the appointment of Minister Jevtić, but not the decision on dismissal,” said the deputy minister.

He also says that as long as the boycott of Serb representatives lasts, the Community/Associations of Serb municipalities cannot be discussed.

“We have a legal obligation to establish the Association, but in this atmosphere, it is impossible. One cannot speak about it when they don’t cooperate, because it is not been created for Belgrade, but for the Serb community in Kosovo, so they have to return to the institution. If the association is formed without the consent of Pristina, it will be another parallel institution that does not have any legal effect on the territory of Kosovo. “

The arrest of Ramush Haradinaj and setting the wall in the north of Kosovo is very bad influence on the dialogue, said on the morning program RTK2 senior official of the Democratic League of Kosovo.

“Serbia must be honest when it comes to dialogue in Brussels, because conversation is the normalization of relations between the two countries and it cannot be achieved this way, or with flagrant interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. Among other things, heavy pressure was created to the new minister, because Marić was asked to stop normalization in this way,” said Gecaj.



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