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Gecaj: The Government of Kosovo ready for drafting of the Statute of the ZSO, but after a full return of the Serb List (N1, Kossev)

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Advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo Bajram Gecaj says that the Kosovo Government is ready to start with drafting the Statute of the Community/Association of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) as soon as the Serbian List “fully returns to the Kosovo institutions”.

Commenting on the request of the US Embassy in Pristina to accelerate the process of forming the ZSO, Gecaj told BETA agency that Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa invited representatives of the Serbian List for talks already three times but that they did not come to the meetings.

“When the return of the Serbian List in the institutions is clarified, we can immediately begin creating Statute of the ZSO. How long this process will last, no one knows, because we have some different opinions on how all this will look like. But we are ready to start with the work immediately, as soon as the Serbian list fully returns to the institution,” said Gecaj.

Gecaj also says that as far as the Kosovo government, formally Mirjana Jevtić is the Minister of local self-government, and that if another proposal comes from the Serbian list then it will be considered by the Prime Minister.

He assesses that now the Serbian list “has some internal problems” and that the Government of Kosovo is hoping that soon an agreement will be reached in connection with the Minister of the Local Self-Government and that the talks will start with Isa Mustafa.

Commenting on the request of Prime Minister Isa Mustafa for the Minister for Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtić to resign because of charges of abuse of office, Gecaj reminds that the Government of Kosovo had two such cases so far.

“A minister is supposed to withdraw because of these charges, as well as a deputy minister of the Democratic League of Kosovo. If the charges confirm, then the same standard should apply to everyone, as told and by the Prime Minister,” said Gecaj.


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