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Is Lista Srpska a trojan horse inside Kosovo’s statehood? (Kosovo 2.0)

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By Eraldin Fazliu

Kosovar government’s agenda in danger of being dictated from Belgrade

Lista Srpska demonstrated its powerful position in Kosovar politics last Saturday (Sept. 9), making the so-called “PANA” coalition wait for hours to vote in its new government. It was a political move that was considered by many analysts in Prishtina as a ‘humiliation’ for Kosovar democracy and a signal of a new found dependency on the Serb representatives.

Lista Srpska’s 10 reserved seats have played a key role in the formation of the new government, as they were crucial to reach the minimum majority of 61 votes needed for Ramush Haradinaj to be elected prime minister. The numbers make the muscular Haradinaj a weak prime minister in terms of votes, and dependent on Lista Srpska, which openly expresses its coordination with the Serbian government in Belgrade.

When the session to vote in Haradinaj’s government was due to take place in Prishtina, Lista Srpska were holding extensive “consultations” in Belgrade, delaying the voting. This lack of punctuality from Lista Srpska seems to be a deliberate move by the Serb representatives, demonstrating their newly increased power in Kosovar politics.

See at: http://kosovotwopointzero.com/en/lista-srpska-trojan-horse-inside-kosovos-statehood/


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