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Bajrami: Murder will have a profound impact on the political situation; Maliqi: Serbia wants to provoke the crisis (Danas)

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The editor-in-chief of the Pristina daily Koha Ditore Agron Bajrami told Belgrade based daily Danas that the murder of Ivanovic is a terrible crime that will have a profound effect not only on the situation between the Kosovo Serbs in the North, but throughout Kosovo.

“Certainly, it’s hard to say who is behind this crime, but it’s not difficult to understand whom such a crime suits, and to whom does not. For me, whoever is responsible for this murder is opponent to Kosovo and stability in the region, an opponent of the normalization of relations, but and an opponent of democratization among the Kosovo Serbs. Because, let’s not forget, Ivanovic was one of the few Serb politicians in Kosovo who vigorously and resolutely fought against Vucic’s domination over the Kosovo Serbs,” Bajrami told Danas daily.

He also points out that he thinks it is important that Ivanovic was one of the loudest opponents of the idea of dividing Kosovo, which, unfortunately, is still seen by some politicians as a possible solution for Kosovo, although it is, in fact, the safest way to deepen ethnic conflict, the daily reports.

Publicist and adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania Shkelzen Maliqi told the same daily that the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic is for every conviction, a crime which does not want good to anyone, and announces a new intensification of the northern Kosovo issue, if not a wider destabilization of the region, writes the daily.

Maliqi says to Danas that the reaction of the official Belgrade is more than indicative: before the elementary circumstances of the assassination are clarified, when there are no indications of whom, and why organized the assassination, Serbia urgently withdraws the delegation from Brussels, where the Kosovo dialogue should continue, and Vucic convenes a session of the National Security Council.

“It is obvious that Serbia wants to “redirect” the dialogue by all the means, or provoke a “crisis” in order to seek a different, more favourable, version of the solution of the Serbian issue in Kosovo, whereby probably would be offered an option of division,” says Maliqi and does not exclude the possibility that “mafia” did it, but adds that the current politicization is unacceptable.

According to him, the return of tensions and conflict suits and the part of the Kosovo elite prior to the commencement of the work of the Special Court for War Crimes in Kosovo, in order that a massive populist support is ensured among Albanians, if they are tried, writes the daily Danas.

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