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Svarm: The political murder of Oliver Ivanovic was ordered (N1, NMagazin, KIM radio, Danas, Kossev)

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The murder of Oliver Ivanovic was ordered, planned, political killing, and there is no doubt about it, according to the editor of the Belgrade weekly Vreme Filip Svarm. Deputy Oliver Ivanovic Ksenija Bozovic says she does not expect killers and orderers to be found, she thinks that there will not be a conflict between Serbs and Albanians, but that a faster migration of Serbs from Kosovo can occur, N1 reports.

– I will be remembering the news of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic while I’m alive. I received a call from the secretary, with a scream, who said that I need to come, because Oliver was feeling bad. I went to the office and met a policeman, and I received the answer that Oliver had a heart attack. I approach the office, I found the secretary who is in shock and the woman who found him on her way back from the shopping, describes the situation that morning Bozovic in the N1 TV show last evening.

Bozovic says that she asked the policeman when she went down the stairs, what happened.

– At this moment, we find three bullet shells, I ask him what this is, and he said that he did not know. Only after 20-25 minutes, a team of the Kosovo Police arrived and stretched a yellow tape, many people went through that site…, said Bozovic.

She also says that the police did not even see or heard anything until they pointed to the bullet shells.

Svarm says that there has long been an atmosphere of fear in northern Mitrovica.

“If you follow those few independent media, that’s known. Oliver Ivanovic spoke about this for years … They all speak of lawlessness, about black jeeps without plates … In late September, Ivanovic gave an interview for Vreme when he said that in these 2.5 kilometres of north Kosovska Mitrovica, 50 cars were burnt, two men were killed, and the police did not solve anything. He said this was unacceptable and expressed suspicion that the police forces were merged with mafia and criminal, says Svarm to N1.

According to him, all the information then spoke about the “hard, stone atmosphere”, and that these tensions have increased since 2013.

– This atmosphere of fear has been going on for a long time, everything that could have been done to Oliver Ivanovic had been done – his car was set on fire twice, our office was set on fire, there was an intrusion into his apartment, his wife and child were maltreated, it was said that he is the traitor, that he was corrupt, that he sold part of Kosovska Mitrovica … and in the end he has spent 3, 5 years in prison, innocent. We thought that he will prove his innocence, but we did not think that this would end like this. Maybe he did, says Bozovic.

Bozovic says that Ivanovic talked to everyone about fearing for the safety of all citizens, including himself and his family. That he had spoken to all institutions, both Serbian and Kosovo, and the international community, on how much the security was threatened.

– He spoke to everyone, and no one can say that they were not aware. Everyone was familiarized and everyone knew, says Bozovic, adding that “he even may have talked with some institutions and that he had personal threats directed to him.”

Filip Svarm emphasizes that the north of Kosovo is “in the clutches of organized crime” and that it’s “multi-ethnic”.

“They cooperate, and it suits them the north of Kosovo to be a place of lawlessness, where there is no one but them, and they are able to do everything to keep it that way,” Svarm, says, adding that this crime does not exist without links to some people in the police and in politics.

According to his words, the murder of Ivanovic sent a message to everyone “whoever tries to stop us, will end up like Oliver Ivanovic”.

“There is always strength to resolve such a situation. And if the state functions, it must be able to. It is only a question of whether there is political will, how much these mafia structures have infiltrated into the political,” says Svarm to N1.

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