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Staro Gracko: Life with swearing and insults (KIM Radio)

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Serbs who have remained in Staro Gracko after the conflict, on a daily basis are facing provocations by young Albanians living in that part of the village, Gorica Matovic, whose family members were injured in an incident on Wednesday, told RTV KIM.

The situation, following the incident, that left three Matovic family members injured, including a 6-month old baby, is calm but tense, RTV KIM further said.

Gorica Matovic added village inhabitants are scared, as they face similar issues on a daily bases, that young men are coming from this, but also surrounding villages, to mistreat and beat children, swear, make noise, insult inhabitants.

Matovic said all these incidents are caused by a young Albanian from the village, whose father is a police officer.

“We are calling the police because of him every day. They live here in the village. He is a troublemaker and his father is a police officer. I do not know if he feels untouchable because of that, that he has protection and then does all what he does. Maybe other youngsters would not do that, but he is encouraging them. He comes here, makes problem, then we call the police. After that his phone rings, and he is informed the police is coming. When police come and find no one, because he escaped, they tell us: Why do you call us, since there is no one here?” Gorica Matovic said.

Milivoje Matovic who was also injured in an incident, claims that the Albanians do not fear the police.

“Police officers arrive, they are pushing them, want to stage a fight and it goes until police use a bit stronger force. But even if they hit someone, something or someone would wait for that police officer later. He has two brothers and a sister. His brothers do not make problems, they play football, but he stays and makes problems,” Milivoje said.

Matovic family said they have never left Kosovo, but because of frequent incidents, it comes to their mind frequently.

“This is ours, our lives are here. I have four children; eight grandchildren and we are all here. But we are facing permanent pressure, they probably want us to leave. Otherwise, I do not know why they would do this,” Gorica Matovic said.

Minister for Communities and Returns, Dalibor Jevtic said the situation in Kosovo is tense over the last days.

“All these indicate we are far away from what is called the rule of law. Basic human rights are not respected to the extent they should,” Jevtic said.

Around 150 Serbs live in the village of Staro Gracko today, and prior to conflict their number was 600.

The village suffered one of the worst atrocities following the end of the conflict, when 14 Serb harvesters were murdered in July 1999, while perpetrators still remain unknown, Serbian media reported.

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