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Djuric: We are going to Brussels to fight for Serbia (RTS)

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Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric point out to Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), on the withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Liberia, it is important that Serbia continues to fight for its positions.

“This is not the first country to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, it has been done by several countries in the series and there are more and more countries that recognize Serbia’s position,” says Marko Djuric.

Commenting on the statement by Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli that Liberia has not withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, Djuric points out that the Kosovo side has become accustomed to deceiving the public.

“Pacolli said he had heard of the Liberia government, and their minister told in front of cameras that Liberia withdrew recognition,” Djuric adds.

Asked about the continuation of the dialogue in Brussels, he says that the Serbian delegation, headed by President Vucic, is heading to Brussels to fight for Serbia.

“To be completely honest, I do not expect anything of the talks. They are not ready either for compromise or dialogue and there is no reason for me to expect anything. President Vucic talked with the EU representatives last night and he made it clear that if Pristina’s attitudes are as spoken by Thaqi, Hoxhaj and the rest than there is no point in talking that way,” Djuric adds.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic says that the borders between Kosovo and Serbia do not exist and which is why they have not been established. Dacic points out that it is completely unacceptable and impossible for someone to set ultimatums for Serbia today, Serbian media reported yesterday.

Dacic reiterates, regarding the statement of Hashim Thaci that a border issue between Kosovo and Serbia would be found on the table during a continuation of the dialogue in Brussels, that the withdrawal of the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Liberia was Serbia’s modest contribution to the continuation of the dialogue.

“Let’s see if everything is solved as they think, and this what they are talking about, let them finish first what they have signed then insert other topics.”

Asked for the so-called. ”green transversal”, Dacic says that there is a desire for its creation among the part of Albanians.

“This is nothing new, it existed for centuries. It is a well-known wish from the time of Austro-Hungary and Turkey to separate Serbia and Montenegro with a line that would go through Kosovo, Sandzak and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the obstacle for this is northern Kosovo and that’s the thing,” Dacic says.

Obviously, he says, that someone would like to resolve this issue in such a way that there are no more Serbs there.

“I think that these fantasies are dangerous for the region,” the head of Serbian diplomacy warned, Serbian media reported.

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