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Djuric: If arrested are not released until tonight, there will be no dialogue (Serbian media)

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Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric, at an extraordinary press conference, said that the Kosovo police arrested the head of the Kosovo-Pomoravlje District Radovan Stojkovic, the director of the branch office of the National Employment Service Jovan Denic, and Nenad Stojanovic, a member of the Serbian Army living in Kosovo, in the municipality of Gnjilane and working in Vranje.

Also, the brothers Aleksandar and Predrag Djodjevic were arrested, one an active and the other retired member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The attack was carried out in a brutal manner, according to the tried-and-true scenario of the Albanian extremists, completely opposite to everything agreed at the last meeting of Vucic and Federica Mogherini, when it was clearly and unequivocally agreed that such things would not take place, and the Albanians assumed the obligation to treat our people with respect, which was guaranteed by the presence of Mogherini,” said Djuric.

As he said, five Serbs were arrested for a verbal delict and at a time when the prime ministers of the region meet in London to discuss peace.

“Their only sin is that they have verbally opposed the formation of the Kosovo Army,” Djuric said.

According to his words, this morning’s attack shows that the agreement in Brussels between Federica Mogherini and the president of Serbia was infringed by Albanians.

Djuric says five Serbs have been arrested only because they are Serbs, with the aim of demonstrating force.

“For me, it’s cowardly, bestiality, insolence and unreasonable behaviour. I want to be very clear, they must be released until tonight, otherwise there will be no dialogue for a long time,” Djuric said, adding that this is an obligation and the responsibility of the EU, because Mogherini is a guarantor of what has been agreed upon.

He said this was another “in a series of their bestialities and lies”, and that this was “an embarrassment of the EU”, which with its representatives in Kosovo allows bare violence against the Serb people in Kosovo, Serbian media reports.

“These people who are arrested, I personally know them, they are good hosts, honest people, people who have more children, reputable hosts from that region. These are people who work for the state institutions of Serbia and whose sole sin is that they dared to say they were against the so-called Kosovo Army, what kind of terror this is, what kind of violence is this,” Djuric said.

The KiM Office Director said that he received a statement from the Pristina institutions, saying that these Serbs are being charged with being involved in activities against the constitutional order of territorial integrity and security of the “Republic of Kosovo”.

“They are persecuting people because they are Serbs”

“Shame and disgrace. People are being persecuted because they are Serbs, persecuted for verbal delicts, these are the same masked people with long pipes who attacked a round table in Kosovska Mitrovica at the end of March. The very same people attacked the Serbs in the municipality Gnjilane” he said, adding that this morning’s arrest, for him, is” taking hostages.”

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