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“Tell Vucic door to EU is called independence of Kosovo” (Prva TV, B92)

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The comments on Vucic’s visit to Kosovo over this past weekend keep coming.

Simic: The goal has been achieved, the Serbs are encouraged and united. Sheholi: Vucic should have apologized for the crimes.

Representative of the Serb List from Kosovo Igor Simic told Prva TV after that the visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Kosovo has achieved its goal.

“The magnificent welcome, after the shameful behavior of the Albanians in the village of Banje, fulfilled the goal. The visit encouraged the Serbs and confirmed to what degree the Kosovo Serbs trust the president of Serbia and the extent to which he is a factor in the unification of Serbs,” Simic said.

Asked if incidents like that in the village of Banje provoke disquiet among the Serbs in Kosovo, primarily those south of the Ibar River, Simic says that this is primarily speaks to how much it is really necessary to reach a compromise solution, precisely because of the survival of Serbs in Kosovo, wherever they live.

Fatmir Sheholi, an analyst from Pristina, holds a completely different opinion. He told a Prva TV correspondent that Vucic, before each visit to Kosovo, should consult with people who are realistic, especially when going to the Drenica region, where he said the biggest crimes against the Albanian population occurred in 1998 and 1999.

“I think he got the answer he needs to get and that without an apology, he should not set foot there. Whether the barricades were spontaneous or not, the Albanians showed that they have the capacity to oppose him,” this analyst said.

Asked to comment on Vucic’s message to the Serbs from Kosovo that he would not “sign Kosovo’s independence,” Sheholi said: “If Vucic doesn’t want to recognize independence (of Kosovo) – which I doubt – but if he is on that road, then Serbia should tell him, both in elections and otherwise, that the EU’s door is called ‘the independence of Kosovo’.”

According to him, Chapter 35 (in Serbia’s EU accession negotiations) states that Serbia should abolish “where the autonomous province of Kosovo is written.”


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