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Popovic: No solution without Russia, China and US (Blic, Vecernje Novosti)

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Negotiations on Kosovo under the auspices of the EU have yielded no results, without US, Russia and China it is impossible to achieve a viable and applicable compromise between Belgrade and Pristina, said Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Nenad Popovic, adding that the issue of Kosovo slowly returns to the Security Council of the UN, the Serbian media reported.

Popovic told Vecernje Novosti that the only place where the issue of Kosovo can be resolved and where Serbia has friends, i.e. Russia and China that protect its territorial integrity, respecting the Serbian Constitution and UN Resolution 1244.

Popovic believes that since the very signing of the Brussels Agreement, Albanians do not want to fulfil their basic obligation and form the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), and that they have the tacit support of several Western countries.

He also says that before the eyes of the EU, a “Greater Albania” plan is being realized that brings instability to the entire region.

– I believe that Serbia must take a much tougher stance towards Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rami who supports and promotes this idea, demonstrating an open hostility towards Serbia. Such attempts are an attack on our Constitution and the state border, and certainly Serbia will not look at it silently, Popovic told Vecernje Novosti.

According to the reporter’s statement that the analysis of the US congress points as the big problem the Humanitarian Center in Nis and the alleged Russian base in Batajnica, Popovic says that it is in the interest of Serbia to have a Humanitarian Center.

-We should continue to develop this center with our Russian partners and give a proper status to its staff, so they can smoothly perform their function, the minister said.

He adds that the aviation agency “Moma Stanojlovic” in Batajnica does not only repair Russian, but also European “erbas” planes.

-I don’t see who would mind it, the minister said.

Asked if China’s rapprochement would expose Serbia to pressure from the US and the EU, like Russia, Popovic says that Serbia is leading an independent and sovereign policy.

– Pressures are an integral part of our decision to be sovereign, Popovic says, adding that Serbia will not change this policy.

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