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Obrad Kesic: Trump has a different vision of foreign policy (RTS)

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Political analyst Obrad Kesic told RTS that the change in the US’s attitude towards Kosovo is tied to bigger issues from the Balkans and recalls that US President Donald Trump has announced in the campaign that he has a different vision of foreign policy.

However, Kesic points out that there is great resistance to his vision.

Obrad Kesic, visiting the RTS News, said that the US now allows a talk about topics that were previously banned and allow the parties in conflict to come to a solution and agreement, showing their readiness to support it.

“We do not know if Trump will succeed in imposing its vision, things are changing,” Kesic noted, adding that there will be no return to the initial globalist ideology, which means that there is more room for the positions of Serbia and the Republika Srpska.

Kesic hopes that Serbia will take advantage of this opportunity because it has failed to use some chances earlier.

“Now is a historical moment for the whole world, a new world order is being built,” says Kesic, and points out that this means the collapse of globalist political theory, the imposition of solutions and political systems, interference in elections, etc.

Obrad Kesic also referred to the situation among Albanian politicians in Kosovo, noting that some agreements have not been implemented.

He says that Hashim Thaci is completely isolated and that all other political factors in Kosovo oppose the idea of territorial exchange and an agreement, and what does not lead to the recognition of Kosovo.

The biggest obstacle to the agreement, he says, is that there is no consensus among Albanian politicians who are fighting each other internally.

Speaking of Republika Srpska’s elections and allegations of the interference of foreign powers in the process, Kesic says that, unfortunately, it continues to work through the embassy, outside the flows that the president of the United States determines.

Once again, Trump said that the United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of the countries and would not impose democratization, however, there are people in the administration who are resisting its policy.

Obrad Kesic also pointed to Trump’s negotiating style, citing North Korea’s example. He says that he first goes radically and closes the space for an agreement, believing that the other party will have the fear and motivation to show flexibility. Then, as he adds, the negotiations begin, and it comes to a situation like now with North Korea.

It is also expected that he will also discuss the issue of China at the UN General Assembly, adding that China and Russia will be topics although the presidents of these countries are not present.

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