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Patriarch Irinej: Division out of question, we must not give them Kosovo (Radio KIM)

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The Church does not change its stance on Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej said in Gracanica, where he pays the visit together with the Patriarch of the Antioch and the Entire East, Jovan X, Radio KIM reports today.

“Division is out of question, I cannot understand Prizren, where I spent more than 15 years, to be in some other state. Pec Patriarchate, Visoki Decani, Gracanica. It does not get into my head, let alone in my heart. Things are happening, partly they change a bit, I hope we would get out of the mud where we are,” Patriarch said in Gracanica.

He added that “the Church never changed its stance, its stance is – we are here, and we shall remain here as long as we exist. Let them occupy it, as they did, let them take it, let them conquer it, but we must not give Kosovo away to them. That is the crucial matter,” Patriarch Irinej underlined.

Patriarch Irinej also noted they are following what is happening in Kosovo, and that the position of the Serbs living here is difficult, more difficult than ever before, but we must fight to remain here.

“As long as we are here, it is ours, and if we, God forbid, leave these holly areas, then they won’t be ours (…),” Patriarch Irinej said, adding that difficult times, temptations and troubles are coming but also passing.

Patriarch Jovan said that he is happy to visit Orthodox holy shrines and Serbian people.

“We are happy and joyful to see our Serbian people in this monastery and around it, people that went through a very difficult period, and yet they wanted to stay at their homes and their places (…),” Patriarch Jovan stated.


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