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“We have evidence about Remi, this is tip of iceberg” (BETA, RTS)

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Secretary General of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Veljko Odalovic said it is good that the Specialist Prosecution in the Hague started to summon KLA commanders to give statements.

According to Odalovic “this is a tip of an iceberg, that started to be unveiled.”

Speaking for RTS morning news edition, Odalovic said the Working Group on gathering facts and evidences about crimes in Kosovo and Metohija, handed over a document that depicts KLA command structure and crimes they have committed.

“We have evidence Mustafa Remi agreed that his man is responsible for the two Serbian journalists in the prison, and we are looking for them up to date. There is a direct link with the crime and 580 people we are still looking for were in the camps, the KLA was responsible for,” Odalovic said.

He added, if someone wishes to create a better future in Kosovo and Metohija, then those who have committed crimes must be removed from the public scene.

“The ones who were KLA commanders in different zones, later became commanders of police service, then moved to security forces. Now they are being prepared to become an army. What kind of message is that?” Odalovic asked.

Asked to comment on Remzi Shala, who is also summoned to appear before Specialist Prosecution, but said he will not go, Odalovic said the Prosecution has mechanisms to bring in those who refuse to give statements.

“What international community wants that is important and if it is ready to go all the way till the end in prosecuting and gathering evidence and facts,” Odalovic noted.

He added, Kosovo society must face the crimes that were committed, and if the individuals are not removed from public and political scenes and convicted for the crimes they have committed, then there is no future for the Kosovo society.

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