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Wishes and fear over Kosovo army (Radio KIM)

By   /  13/12/2018  /  Comments Off on Wishes and fear over Kosovo army (Radio KIM)

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One day prior to the voting in Kosovo Assembly on laws foreseeing transformation of Kosovo Security Forces (KSF), there are different stances among Serbs and Albanians, whether Kosovo needs the army or not.

Igor Simic from Srpska Lista thinks that the international community remains silent on violation of the Kosovo Constitution and Resolution 1244, while Sadri Ferati thinks Belgrade uses Kosovo Serbs for its political goals.

RTV KIM reports it is yet unknown if members of Srpska Lista would be present at tomorrow’s session. Igor Simic said SL would decide about that and other steps at today’s presidency meeting, that would be closed to the public.

What remains clear is that Srpska Lista does not change its stance on Kosovo army.

“Srpska Lista is absolutely against transformation of KSF into armed forces or Kosovo army. It is contrary to the UN SC Resolution 1244 that clearly states the only armed force present and responsible for the security of all in Kosovo and Metohija is KFOR,” Igor Simic said.

He also added, the establishment of Kosovo army goes contrary to the interests of Serbs. “I would remind that several Kosovo officials clearly said the establishment of Kosovo army is in fact a continuation of Kosovo Liberation Army, its transformation and legitimization. And this is what causes fear and concerns among the Serbs,” Simic underlined.

On the other hand, Sadri Ferati from LDK, said the agreement on Kosovo army could have been reached “if Srpska Lista and Belgrade wanted to talk”. Commenting on concerns of Srpska Lista and Belgrade officials that Kosovo army could jeopardize security and Serbian people, Ferati said this cannot happen and it is intention of the Serbian authorities to intimidate Serbs living in Kosovo, RTV KIM reported.

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