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Vucic on KFOR exercise this morning: Demonstration of force without any sense (N1)

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says, in Trstenik after opening the factory, he hopes that the international community understands that Serbia is in a difficult situation on the occasion of the announced formation of the Kosovo Army, adding it is the duty of the authorities (of Serbia) to protect “their face and national pride” without entering into conflicts, reports the regional broadcaster N1.

“I only hope that some others have enough of common sense and cleverness to not think that some kind of weapon solution is smart and good and that it will give them some advantage,” Vucic said.

He did not want to comment on the statement made by the British ambassador in Pristina that it was the sovereign right of Kosovo to form an army, and that the achievement of a comprehensive agreement must be achieved within the existing borders.

“I do not know what to say about it … Out of injustice, you can never create the right. About the injustice I shall not speak… All that Pristina is doing, and it is obvious that it works with the support of Americans and Britons, is unlawful, illegal and in contrary to Article 9, point B, which unambiguously says that it is the KFOR’s job to disarm all Albanian armed formations. They do not have the right under any international act to form an army. I am not talking about their (legal) acts because I am not interested in that,” he said.

Vucic said that any eventual formation of the Kosovo army would be illegal for Belgrade. Commenting on the movements of KFOR units in Kosovo this morning, which are said to be part of the exercise, Vucic said that it is a demonstration of a force that does not make sense, because Serbs do not violate the international law but Albanians.

N1 reports that he did not want to confirm the information of certain media that he would visit tomorrow the Serbian Army units in the Ground Safety Zone along the border with Kosovo, but said that his sovereign right, as the president and army commander, is to visit any unit whenever he wants and not inform anyone about it.

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