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Dacic to TV Prva: “President Vucic” and “Mr. Thaci” – Dacic on UNSC session (B92)

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Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic repeated and to Belgrade based TV Prva that the result of the Monday’s UN Security Session was that the positions of all members of the Council to be heard.

That was the result of this session because, he points out in a statement to Prva TV, “Pristina hardly will withdraw its moves.”

“We have heard the opinions of all members of the Security Council and what is important is that it has been clearly stated that the formation of an armed force is a move that is contrary to, and in violation of (UNSC) Resolution 1244. Also, of the 15 Security Council member states, six did not recognize Kosovo,” Dacic said.

Asked to comment all discussed during the session, Dacic said that even if everything was summed up, “we couldn’t say that we heard something new in relation to the existing positions.”

“But we once again did what was up to us, we pointed out to the violation of Resolution 1244 warning of possible difficulties and consequences for peace and stability in the region and appealed on the international community to prevent Pristina’s moves, calling on Pristina to disband that army, and revoke its tariffs,” Dacic said and added that it was not realistic to expect that it would really happen.

However, Dacic remarked that at the Security Council, Vucic was addressed as “President Vucic” while Hashim Thaci was referred to as “Mr. Thaci.”

Dacic also said that Pristina is behaving “like a spoiled child who, when they don’t get their toy or what they want, throw a tantrum.”

“They accustomed them (Pristina) to this, and therefore they need to discipline them,” Dacic said.

Asked about “the agreement that Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj has prepared for Serbia and presented to the Quint (western) ambassadors,” Dacic replied: “Haradinaj can hang that agreement in the hall of the Kosovo Assembly. That’ his range.”

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