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Mustafa: The government should go home as soon as possible (Indeksonline)

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Isa Mustafa, leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), has addressed a series of criticisms against the Kosovo Government, led by Ramush Haradinaj. He said at a press conference today, that the government has lost the concept of an economy they had vowed for.

According to Mustafa, this government has to change its behavior, it must go home as soon as possible as it has punt under a question mark the relations with the EU and the SAA implementation of the European reform agenda that would lead the Kosovo towards the EU .

“The government wants to deceive the citizens by blaming the European community. We have appreciated President Trump’s letter and the mobilization of all institutions in Kosovo for the dialogue to move to the US, because we saw in the letter a US engagement that we welcome. It is pointless that Kosovo institutions at the moment when the country has received a letter stating that each party should refrain from actions, the Government for its own reasons is adding 100% tax measures instead of considering the letter coming from the president of a special state, on which the agreement also depends on,” stressed  Mustafa.

He assessed that Kosovo institutions should take responsibility for the dialogue, which is not taken into account when the President spoke about border correction,  when the government drafted agreement with which the Prime Minister removes himself from the role in dialogue  and with the group nominated by the parliament.

“As LDK, we in this process remain loyal to our document on the basis of dialogue development and that document represents the politics of the overwhelming majority of the party. Dialogue should end in the interest and benefit of Kosovo citizens, concluding all the problems. We have the greatest trust of all citizens, because the support comes from 27-30% of the citizens, and we will increase it further because we are determined to work on most on issues that concern the citizens. We will concentrate on employment and unemployment, which is the biggest problem that causes citizens to flee from Kosovo, as well as the fight against crime and corruption. We will take over the responsibilities that belong to LDK as the party with the largest parliamentary group in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo,” Mustafa said.

“There is no handicap for Kosovo if a government that has over 80 deputy ministers and many indicted ministers, is brought down. I represent the views of LDK, which is that the Government should be brought down,” Mustafa added.

According to him, it is not a good act not to respect the letter of President Donald Trump, because without the support of the United States, Kosovo would never become a state.

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