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Vukcevic: Dick Marty’s report is remarkable (TV Prva, B92, RTV Puls)

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One of the former KLA commanders, Rustem Mustafa-Remi should be one of the first to be questioned before the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

Former Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic told Belgrade based TV Prva that he is satisfied that the prosecution started working, and that it was founded because it is about the most monstrous crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Asked to comment on the announcement that Geoffrey Nice will defend one of the KLA members in The Hague, Vukcevic says he is surprised.

“As a former prosecutor, I would not be dealing with war crimes, but that’s his right. He is a great lawyer,” he said.

Speaking of speculation that Kadri Veseli, the current president of the Kosovo Assembly, and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci could get court summons, Vukcevic notes that now, it is only about speculation, but adds that the Americans were very interested in the report of the Serbian Prosecutor’s Office when showed for the first time to them.

“I would not prejudge anything. The whole teams worked on that, that is the “Drenica group” that was “all and everything,” and which was very cruel. We’ve been very helpful and without us, there would be no Marty’s report. I personally gave everything we had,” said Vukcevic.

However, the most delicate issue is the witnesses and the fact that they disappeared. “I told this to Marty. It was a painful point and I think it will continue to be,” he said.

Vukcevic says that Dick Marty’s team did an extraordinary job, after which the appointment of Special Prosecutor Williamson came, who continued the work.

“He came to us and said he was helped a lot by Patrick Lopez, Assistant of Carla Del Ponte,” he concluded.

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