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Strpce inhabitants protest reconstruction of mini hydro-plant (Radio KIM, KoSSev)

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For more than a month, Strpce inhabitants are protesting the reconstruction of a mini hydro-plant, that would endanger two rivers, Kaludjerka and Bolovanka, and impede potable water supply to the citizens, Radio KIM reports.

New protest was held yesterday, and protesters announced filing a complaint to the Ministry for Environment.  

Radio KIM further reports inhabitants from the municipality of Srpce are determined to prevent reconstruction of a mini hydro-plant, which has been started by an Albanian “Matkos group” company from Pristina. The protesters claim local authorities are not offering support and do not wish to talk about this issue.

Protesters pointed out in case the hydro-plant is reconstructed, and sources of potable water affected, it would jeopardize their future and at the same time remain and survival in the Strpce municipality. The inhabitants also use this water to irrigate their agricultural parcels.

They noted no local TV stations wanted to report on their issue, and the news about their protests could not be seen in the media.

One of the speakers at yesterday’s protest, Stojan Joksimovic also voiced doubts regarding the validity of the documentation for a reconstruction of the mini hydro-plant, saying the law has been violated. He also noted that he and two more protesters were taken in the morning to the police station in Strpce for an interview, adding the police acted professionally.

However, special police from Urosevac warned them to stop protesting and enable workers of “Matkos group” company to carry out their work unobstructed.

Following the talks with the police, protesters went to the Strpce Municipality, claiming nobody from the municipal authorities appeared to talk to them.

Stojan Joksimovic and Dobrivoje Stevanovic also said they want in a legal manner and in cooperation with the municipal authorities to prevent reconstruction of a mini hydro-plant.

Radio KIM added, it did not manage to contact representatives of the Strpce municipality to hear their stance on this matter, recalling that at the end of last month, Chairman of Strpce Municipal Assembly Predrag Grbic said that the inhabitants who are protesting reconstruction of mini hydro-plant have the full support of the municipal leadership.

Later today, Radio KIM reported that the works on reconstructing mini hydro-plant has been halted, as per decision of the municipal communal inspector. The reason for the decision is roiling of potable water in the reservoir, which impeded water supply to the residents.

The permit to carry out works on that location was issued by Strpce Municipality in 2013, however, in 2016 a new decision was made that halted the works for an indefinite period of time. According to Chairman of Strpce Municipal Assembly, Grbic, decision from 2016 is considered as valid and in force. He also announced a meeting of Strpce mayor Bratislav Nikolic with residents who are protesting for more than a month now.

Video on yesterday’s protest can be seen at: https://www.facebook.com/bobiimaks/videos/404001147019900/


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