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Jovanovic: Surrender of Kosovo and Metohija would open issues of Raska and Vojvodina (Danas, BETA)

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Leader of the opposition Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Milos Jovanovic said that surrender of Kosovo and Metohija would soon open the issues of Raska district, south of central Serbia and Vojvodina province, BETA news agency reports.

He made these remarks at DSS gathering in Kraljevo town, adding the future generations would have to deal with geopolitical issues in this case, instead of with economy and development of Serbia.

“Frozen conflict situation should be maintained, which means there is no final political solution at this moment,” Jovanovic underlined.

He also warned that today there “is an open treason” in action.

“When Vucic says “I fight for delineation,” it means accepting secession and independence of 90 to 95 percent of Kosovo and Metohija territory,” Jovanovic assessed.

“Maybe someone could tell the police officers and soldiers in Kosovo in 1999 they are giving their lives for nothing, now when some are planning to surrender Kosovo. What Vucic intends to do now, it did not cross the mind of anybody over the last 6 centuries,” DSS leader said.

Slobodan Samardzic said that Serbian authorities have moral, political and constitutional obligations to defend Kosovo and Metohija.

“Kosovo and Metohija is temporarily occupied territory. However, if you renounce it, from a stance of international law, the owner would become the one you have made the agreement with,” Samardzic added. He noted the authorities should make a turn in the Kosovo policy they are leading; however they are not doing so.

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