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D’Addario: One sentence can cause problems (Radio kontakt plus)

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KFOR Commander Major General Lorenzo D’Addario in an interview to Radio kontakt plus said he is worried over rhetoric used in Kosovo, warning that one sentence could be a sparkle to create bigger problems.

He termed the situation in Kosovo as peaceful, adding he sees not a single intention to cause incidents.

“What I am more concerned about is rhetoric that is being used, since one sentence could be a sparkle that could lead towards bigger problems, and I am constantly appealing to all interlocutors, all people, to be careful with their words and not cause some deeper consequences,” KFOR Commander said, according to the Radio kontakt plus.

Asked about announcements on “unification of Mitrovica, and Trepca statute recently adopted by the Kosovo Government, D’Addario responded that he is a soldier, and these are political matters.

He also said KFOR members would continue guarding Serbian Orthodox Church Visoki Decani Monastery.

“We would certainly stay around Visoki Decani Monastery as long as security situation requires that, and our assessments are as such. We are actively discussing about this issue with the Serbian Orthodox Church and institutions in Kosovo, in order to take into consideration safety of the monastery, but also interests of those living in its neighbourhood,” D’Addario said.

Asked if he expects legally binding agreement between Belgrade and Pristina to be reached this year, KFOR Commander said it is about rather difficult and major issue and he does not want to interfere in the work of politicians, however he expressed hope that it would happen.

Commenting on the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces, D’Addario said “it is a process that would last minimum ten years and that things have not changed significantly at this moment, compared to December 13 last year, when the transition was voted for.”

The full interview is available at: https://www.radiokontaktplus.org/vesti/daddario-jedna-recenica-moze-prouzrokovati-probleme-audio/17798


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