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Milivojevic: Once Vucic reveals plan for Kosovo, SNS rating to go below 40 percent (TV N1)

By   /  12/02/2019  /  Comments Off on Milivojevic: Once Vucic reveals plan for Kosovo, SNS rating to go below 40 percent (TV N1)

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Authorities are getting ready for early elections, while the opposition pursues campaign of an active boycott. Opposition aims to fight for more equal electoral conditions and then they would consider whether to take part in the election or not, analyst Cvjetin Milivojevic told TV N1, commenting on the recent political situation in Serbia.

On the other side, analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic does not think Serbia is on the verge of an early elections, however it may get there soon. He also noted opposition is now striving to get better starting positions.

Asked if early elections in Serbia could be expected this year, Milivojevic responded that from legitimacy point of view, the ruling party has enough MPs so it can rule even without elections. However, the decision on whether to call for elections or not would depend upon Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) coming forward on the matter it used to get into the power and it is Kosovo issue.

“In 2012 they made a promise to annul everything that the previous authorities agreed on Kosovo. All elections that followed indicated the SNS is shading away from a response on the Kosovo issue, and citizens have the right to know what SNS intends to do with 17 percent of the Serbia’s territory,” Milivojevic said, adding the very moment they reveal plan on Kosovo, SNS rating would go below 40 percent of support.

“If Vucic is forced to reveal the plan for Kosovo by the end of this year, then elections would take place prior to that,” Milivojevic noted.

Andjelkovic does not believe Kosovo is a decisive factor for elections and according to him they should not be organized. Instead, it is better to wait and see what would happen with the European Parliament elections.

“Let’s wait and see what will happen in the EU. Elections would take place in US as well, and if Trump wins the second mandate, I think it would position differently on the Kosovo issue,” Andjelkovic said, adding that now is not a moment for an early elections in Serbia and he would advise against it.

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